Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blue Devils Toss Bricks and Lose...The Kenyan Devil Tosses Political BS at "Memorial"

Long time readers of this blog know I'm a hard core Duke Blue Devils basketball fan...root for Ohio State in Football, Duke in hoops.  Duke went in to last night's game at Tallahassee against Florida State, undefeated and ranked #1.  Meanwhile Ohio State traveled to Ann Arbor, ranked #2 and likewise undefeated...when the dust had settled, The Buckeyes had pulled out a close one against Michigan, while the Blue Devils took a tumble at FSU and limped away with their first defeat of the season.

If Ohio State wins this coming weekend, they are likely to be ranked #1, with that target squarely on their scarlet and gray backs.  The Duke defeat, was hardly a surprise, the Seminoles have had a habit of defeated top ranked Duke teams over the years on their home court...this being the 3rd suck occurrence since 2002.  Nobody is going undefeated this season...OSU, Kansas, and Syracuse remain(along with San Diego State), but none will escape the season without a X mark, you can say you read it here.

While I was watching The Buckeyes, then the Blue Devils...our own Kenyan Devil, Barry Soetoro, was tossing something besides basketballs at the contrived "memorial" event in Tucson.  Complete with political rally "t-shirts", our ignorant President, complete with double digit IQ and "posse" by his side, was playing politics with the blood of the Arizona shooting victims still not dry:

The clown will stoop to no low...a University Cheering Section at a memorial?  Something only the fartest left wing loons could appreciate, cheer, and support.  This joker will stop at nothing to win his political war.  I would claim that he is the Anti-Christ...but no, Obama just isn't that smart...evil yes, bright bulb?, hardly.  Plus he only has about 30% of the folks believing his BS.

Politics, sports, and weather aside...things are moving along.  January 13th already...2 weeks into the new year, and if it keeps moving at this imagined pace, spring will be here before the blink of an eye.  Hal's bachelor party in in 2 weeks, and his and Lisa's wedding just over 3 weeks away in the hills of West by gawd Virginia...with the reception back in the Miami Valley at Fairborn on February 19th.  After that, spring and baseball will be a month or so away...frankly, I can't wait!!!

Meanwhile, back to basketball tonight, with a boys junior high double at Celina, against cross lake rival St Marys, the Varisty in both girls and boys between those two schools will also face off between tonight and tomorrow night.  I'll return soon...

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