Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr Ass Hat!

The Comedic Geniuses who handle President Barack Obama need to be given out special praise...from the speech writers, his outgoing press secretary, his wife's wardrobe designers, and those that keep fools like Chris "Tingles" Matthews, Keith Oldblowaman, and Rachel "Mad Dyke" Madcow employed, are to be praised...if for nothing else, for keeping propped up the most incompetent and most useful tool since Jimmy "Peanut Brain" Carter....

I would Call Obummer the Ultimate American Ass Hat...except for the fact, that we still are not sure if this sorry excuse for a human is evan an American....Where is the Birth Certificate Barry?

Needless to say I don't have much to write about is pretty drab, politics is slow, sports I could talk about...Ohio State is now #1 in Basketball, but how long is that going to last?  Nobody is going through this season without a loss, so with Duke having been beat, it remains to be seen, how long the other four undefeated teams can last.  Joining the Buckeyes are San Diego State, Kansas, and Syracuse...all will surly fall before the post season gets underway...or in the SDS case, at least when the post season kicks off.

In the NFL, The mighty Patriots became the second #1 seed to fall over the weekend, following the Atlanta Falcons....both teams were ousted by #6 Wild Card teams...the Falcon by Green Bay, and New England by the Jets.  This leaves the Jets to face Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and the Packers to head to Chicago against arch rival Da Bears.  I'll take the two Wild Card teams, Jets and Green Bay in the Super Bowl, with the Pack coming out on top...but I've been wrong before.

But back to Ass Hats, or Ass Clowns...take your choice.  Obama is obviously "Top Dog" of all the asses, but I've met a few others...either wandering around a college campus, or in my radio news digging days.  A couple of dandy's come to mind:

1976 Athens, Ohio~Back when "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen played only before small venues.  Little Brucie, with the "big voice" on his 5' 6" frame, was in concert, at Ohio, having a night with nothing to do, I decided to slum with the hippy population of Athens and Ohio U.  As it turned out, one of the worst, most boring, performances I have ever witnessed.  Not that I am into loud, live, concerts...I wasn't impressed by Springsteen, who I considered, and still do, a runt with a big mouth, who would not toss out his far left political bullshit in private, in fear of getting his ass kicked:  So Call "The Runt" err, "The Boss" another Ass it!
1980 Dodge City, Kansas~This was during my News Director stint at KGNO Radio time, and it came down to Bush(1) vs Reagan for the GOP nomination, and Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy was challenging incumbent, incompetent, the aforementioned, Jimmy Carter for the Socialist Party(aka Democrats) nod.  I was lucky enough to be in on a Reagan press conference(great man), and a Bush conference call.  Carter was a Kansas Primary no show that spring of 1980, but I did get to meet the soused Teddy and a couple of his handlers, he needed more than a few, because usually he had more than a few...although at the time of the interview, I couldn't tell...I just remember him as a self important babbling idiot, which he would remain until the day awhile back when he assumed room temperature.  Yep mark "The Swimmer" down as another Ass Hat, bank that as well.  But I really miss mocking him, that made the far left loons even madder than when you make light and fun of the "Ebony Messiah" who is currently gumming up the works in DC and the world.

Believe me, these 3 dandies are not the only Ass Hats that fester in the deep, smelly, bowels of the American Left...but I've spent enough time wasted on their ilk for today...these three just came to mind while I was sitting here wondering what I was going to write you can see, it and they are not much.

Basketball double tonight at Delphos and then rush back to toss some darts, showing up late again...but Sam home for the long weekend, will take my place, and hopefully last week can repeat itself, and our team makes slow progress. 

back later>>>>

Photos-Ass Hats all, Barry, Brucie, and Teddy....


Cookie..... said...

For having nothing to write about, this was, as usual, a good read.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Mate...Seems talking about the Kenyan and Thief always brings out the "words: in me...