Friday, January 28, 2011

The Grim Reaper...Bachelor Party, and a busy month ahead

Sometimes I wonder why I take girls junior high basketball games?  Sometimes you just leave shaking your head.  Frankly I do those because the athletic directors have a hard time filling games(although with the economy sucking as it does, more guys, qualified or not, are getting into officiating for money...a bad reason), so I help them out...because sometimes, if I scratch their backs, I get baseball Varsity and League games of better quality.  Last night was a long double header, lasting over 2 1/2 hours, with the 8th grade game going into overtime.  By the time I left, the roads were slippery and a nice glaze of ice was under the inch or so of snow that had fallen.  The Jeep roared through the night, down 127 towards Celina, with no problems....keeping it a steady 50 MPH.  Schools north were delayed by 2 hours, no delays in Celina or south, where Patricia teaches.

No game tonight, tomorrow a St Marys boys JH double header in the morning...then I will head south towards Cincinnati and youngest son Hal's bachelor party.  Hal and friends, including Sam, Lisa's brothers, and dad, are meeting up at a ski hill near Lawenceburg, Indiana, which is located on the Ohio River near the tri-state intersection of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  They will be skiing and boarding most of the day, I will arrive late and head to the Marriott in north Kentucky, where we will stay the night...after we will hit the town, with me trying to keep Hal from getting too much party punch in.  I know how these type of parties go...and the hangovers can be brutal.  "Been There Done That".  I will head home come Sunday morning after breakfast.

Next week February begins...The wedding weekend kicks it off, as we head to West Virginia on the 4th, for the ceremony which takes place Saturday the 5th.  The reception will be held in Fairborn adjacent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, on the the meantime when not officiating basketball games, I will be attending baseball rules meetings, and getting ready for the upcoming high school baseball season.  Hopefully the weather will moderate sometime in the next 6 or 7 weeks.  Regardless of weather, it will be a busy time for me and the family.  I get.tired just thinking about it.

A quick look at politics____

As the Obama Administration moves forward, forward to bankrupting this Republic, I watch as his approval numbers rise towards 50%...which means to me that at least 50% of the public are gawd damn fools...or just stupid, rather than evil....a large collection, including the Kenya are however just that...Evil, pure and simple!

This son of a bitch is, if nothing else, the worst President this country has ever seen...topping even Jimmy Carter, and Lyndon Baines Johnson, in my lifetime....right down in the gutter with Woodrow Wilson.  I am now more convinced that ever, he is not an American, but a true "Manchurian Candidate" .  One born in Kenyan, and raised by his white, far left wing, grandparents.  He is nothing more than a sock puppet for one George Soros, and one evil bastard, out to destroy this Republic as we know it.  It's as clear as the nose on ones face...yet 50% of the public is clueless to his plans. It will only get worse, the more people he forces onto the government dole, through higher unemployment rates or through massive spending and handouts, the more people will be beholding to him and his plans...Hello Soviet States of America, Goodbye Republic/United of the United States.

That's my me crazy, because I really don't give a rat's ass.  The one good thing about getting old, 62 in March, is you don't worry about much...what the Hell are they going to do to you?  I know what I see, and I see a evil bastard in charge, and a whole lot of fools buying the snake oil he's selling.

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