Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Job!

They were predicting anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of Snow in the Upper Miami Valley, and in Celina and Mercer County we probably got near the top of the predictions...maybe 4 or 5 inches.  That was enough to let some schools out early yesterday, and delay most by 2 hours was also enough to cancel most of the basketball in the area last night, including my JH Boys games at Elida.  No games tonight, but the rest of the week Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, will see me scheduled to officiate 6 games in those 3 days/nights.

The amounts we received are nothing compared to the bashing that the northeast got overnight, anywhere from 9 inches in Central Park, a couple of  feet in Connecticut.  That was their second big storm since Christmas.  Meanwhile the folks down south in Atlanta and elsewhere, continue to be locked in a deep freeze after their weekend snow and ice event, and those folks are not able to handle it like the authorities in our part of the country.

As I watched the white stuff, a nice fluffy, rather than the heavy wet variety, come down yesterday I prepared to use the Snow Machine on my place, and the new Toro over at Mom's...I "prepared" by heading to Wally World and grabbing a 12 pack of Blue Moon Winter Samplers, which included 4 each of Blue Moon White, Pale Ale, and Abbey Winter Ale.  At that time I wasn't sure whether the games would be cancelled, but figured I would enjoy a couple of brews(or more than a couple, depending when and if the games were called off) after my chores were done.  I also made a spot on the back step to plop my butt down, so I could sit and have a couple glasses of beer, and a 1876 Torpedo Cigar.  I usually don't smoke many cigars in the winter months, too damn cold outside.  But yesterday, after working up a moderate sweat,  it didn't feel bad outside, so while waiting for Patricia to arrive from school(they were not let out early), I had a couple of frosty glasses of different types of "Moons", and a 40 minute cigar.  By this time the games had long since been cancelled, so I drank a couple more, and headed in to watch my Philadelphia Flyers knock off the Sabers 5-2, to increase their overall lead in the NHL East.

By the time the cigar, beers, and hockey were done, so was the snow.  Today, with no games on the schedule, I will give both places a "do-over" and seek something else on the agenda...maybe read a little, one thing I won't be doing is watching some asshole named Obama, along with his cronies, try to gain political points, by leading the prayers tonight in Arizona, at the memorial service for those slain and injured in Saturday's shooting.

Pretty amazing it will be for a group of Christian hating assclowns to speak at this memorial.  The very people that hate us, and hate the freedoms we seek to keep, trying to gain favor...screw those bastards and the brooms they fly in on.

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Photos-Relaxing next to my "smiling" Snow Machine, with cigar and dark ale after the work was done...5 or so inches of white fluffy snow in the driveway was no problem for the machine, nor was the amount at Mom's place, her smaller Toro went through it without problems.  The Philly Flyers remain on a hot streak, defeating Buffalo 5-2 last night in New York, to increase their Atlantic and Eastern leads.

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