Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pushing into 2011....

If this new year of 2011 is anything like last, it will go by at warp speed...it seems that way, especially when you get old(er).  A few observations on what might lie ahead, but first a look at what has been and will be....

I did a full 3 games of Dartball last night at church, no basketball to have me arriving late.  It didn't seem to make much difference however, I went 4 for 12 and my average continues in the high .330 range (down a point to .338), and still 100 or so points below last seasons .441 finish, which was good for 2nd in the league...not looking to be in the top 5 this season, unless I get real hot.  As a team we started the second half, like we did the first, by getting swept in all 3 games by defending champions, Hopewell.  We went 0-9 out of the gate on our way to a 6 win 15 loss first half...as of now, I wouldn't bet on us being any better in the 2nd half.  Our veteran older players are all down in average, and our 4 younger guys are just not picking the game up just yet, so our once top of the league records have been reversed, and who knows when we will get back on top?  If we ever get back on top.

Basketball is back on the schedule tonight, with a boys Junior High double at Elida...at Antwerp Thursday for the same, then Friday a JV boys contest at Convoy Crestview.  No games Saturday, for a rare weekend off, but next week a full schedule returns with 8 games and 10 games the following.

When I return from Elida tonight, it should just be about kick off for the Sugar Bowl between The Ohio State Buckeyes and Arkansas Razorbacks.  OSU will try to salvage some pride for the Big Ten and especially themselves since they are zero wins and nine loses all time in bowl games against the SEC.

I am a life long Ohio State Football fan, but as regular readers know, I am pretty sick of the way the program is being handled.  Sure Jim Tressel is a great field coach, and has destroyed rival Michigan, won a National Championship, with 2 runners up trophies.  On top of that the Buckeyes have won or shared 6 consecutive Big Ten championships...yes Jim "The Vest" Tressel has been more successful at winning than even the great Woody Hayes.  Where I part company these days with Ohio State Football, is the way Tressel shoved the overrated punk name Terrelle Pryor on to the scene.  He tossed his senior QB Todd Boeckman under the bus, after a National Championship game(a loss to LSU), all for the glory of this so called "can't miss" quarterback from Pennsylvania.  I won't go into the details of this disaster named Pryor, but just suffice to say, he is not lived up to Buckeye fans expectations...however, he is just what I thought he would be.  A spoiled "hey look at me, and worship me" kind of guy.

Pryor and 5 others were suspended for almost half of next season, for selling prized items for a pittance...but the sugar daddy NCAA will let them play in tonight's bowl game...hmmm, you think money and ratings might be behind that?  So tonight it's another bowl game...rooting for Ohio State?  Not sure I really care...yes, oldest son Sam goes to OSU, and works for the OSU and Big Ten Network as a paid intern to help him pay his way through school...but I've pretty much soured on the entire mess called Buckeye Nation.

2011, looking ahead___

During weigh-in this morning, I was pleased to note that I was at exactly the same weight as this time last year...still down 23 pounds since I began the pre-diabetes 2 diet in September of 2009....up a few pounds from last summer, but the holiday season, now ended, only saw a couple of pounds added.  With 2 weeks until blood work on the 18th and a check up the following day, I consider the season a success, and should be able to drop another 5 pounds or so, and get back towards my goal of 180 by the time I visit the doc...which has 8 pounds to go.

During 2011 I will try to roll with the flow....continue with my usual breakfast 6 days a week, eat a senisble lunch(get back to more veggies and fruit, I slipped up the past few months), less beer, and a few cigars, and eat lite at supper.  If I can handle that, along with my workouts and sports officiating work...2011 hopefully will continue to see me active and healthy for the entire year...but I have no crystal ball, so the future is going to have to work itself out, I'm just along for the ride.

Social Security____

Speaking of pittance, I just got off the phone with the Lima SS Office.  I had applied online and the local office called a few minutes ago....asking questions, and more questions.  Interesting conversations, especially considering we have a handicapped adult child....I really wasn't looking for extra benefits for Anissa since she is mostly living on her own, with 24 hours care....some of which is with us, but mostly with providers from MRSI.  After getting off the phone, it's no wonder they want you to start 3 months early...this is going to be a interesting process...all for a few bucks a month.  Since I retired from the Health Department, which isn't under SS, the money I will be getting might make a car payment and put some gas in it....but what the heck, might as well get my share of the shrinking American Pie...right?

So that is where my life stands at this point....looking forward, and on occasion back at the life past...I will try to continue to press forward with the good and bad, and roll with the punches in this new year...after all I've already made it longer than I had really planned....2011, turning 62 in a couple of months....who would have thunk it?

back later>>>>

Photos-My usual breakfast these days...at least 6 days a week.  A fresh fruit, English Muffin topped with one of Patricia's home canned preserves(we usually have 7 or 8 varieties on hand...Peach, Pear, Cherry, Strawberry, Rhubarb-Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and maybe another in season.  Dartball continues into March, so far it's been a long season...and The Vest, Jim Tressel, and his wayward man-child quarterback, Pryor, will try to salvage a Big Ten win in the Sugar Bowl tonight.


Gene Bach said...

What the heck is dartball? Baseball with darts? I remember a baseball deal on one side of my old dartboard. I enjoyed playing that.

As for SS, I have my quarters in, but I'll never draw any. If I do my retirement decreases by whatever amount I get from SS. LOL!

PRH....... said...

Dartball is a baseball field on a dartboard Gene....played underhand from 20 feet with large feathered metal tipped darts....relaxing(well maybe not so) competition....

SS isn't much for guys like us...but what the heck? Makes the bureauRats earn their pay.