Monday, January 24, 2011

More Snow and the Weekend that Was...

I awoke to Reagan, the aging Airedale, barking as she does every weekend day after Patricia heads off to teach at St. Henry, wanting her morning "biscuit"....Reagan at 12 1/2 years, actually 12 years 6 months and 16 days, is approaching our longest living Airedale age~wise.  Max(1976-1989). the long living stud dog, who produced well into the hundreds of offspring, lived to be 12 years 7 months and 8 Reagan, it appears, will surpass that milestone.  Funny part is, a year ago I wouldn't have given her another 6 months, seems fate has moved in, and despite slowing down, and hard of hearing, she continues to move and eat.

The snow we are currently receiving was supposed to be less than one inch.  However, it appears from the Internet Radar, that that amount will be surpassed and maybe an extra inch or so of the fluffy type will be blown around the county and the deep freeze continues, with a solid core of snow on the ground, with no signs of melting in the forecast.  We of course are most concerned about the outlook for the mountains of West Virginia on the first weekend of February.  Friday February 4th the family heads out for the hills, where youngest son Hal, and his fiancee, Lisa will be married the next day at a remote ski and rafting lodge about an hour out of Charleston, West Virginia.  Roads are tricky in the winter, especially in that part of the world....I have driven the Jeep and RVs through those mountains in the dead of winter, and sometimes it is no treat.  The wedding will be that weekend, with the invite all reception in Fairborn, Ohio, two weekends later, on the 19th.

Plenty of basketball officiating and football watching over the weekend....

JV game at St. Marys on Friday night, with a Junior High double header back at St. Marys Saturday morning, with another boys JV game north to Paulding that night.  The Friday night game went overtime, with the other 3 being "blow outs" on Saturday.  In the college game, Ohio State solidified it's hold on the #1 national spot, with a come-from-behind win at Illinois, and Duke remained hot with a easy win at Wake Forest, and should be ranked #2 or #3 when the polls come out today.

Yesterday afternoon I headed to Nick's with Patrica and Anissa as my Chauffeurs, dropping me off on the south side of the lake, knowing I would drink more than a couple, I didn't need to be behind the wheel of the Jeep, or any other vehicle.  A small group of us smoked cigars, drank some micro~brewery beer, and ate a plate of goulash, while watching the Packers knock off the Bears, then I stayed for the first half of the Steelers/Jets game, which likewise appeared to be a blow out, but ended up, like the first game, close at the end.  Patricia picked me up, and I was home to watch the close played second half.

So it will be the Packers vs Steelers in Super Bowl #whatever...the same weekend we return from West Virginia...Go Packers!  Not that I am a great Green Bay fan(hated them growing up as a Browns fan), but I despise Pittsburgh and their Quarterback, and their double digit IQ ed fans.  "Hate" in a sporting sense, I could really care less about the NFL.  I do however find it amusing how folks act like pro sports, especially NFL Football, is life and death, and somehow is linked to their egos and manhood.  Don't get me wrong, I love sports, but life and death, or worth hating or fighting over?  You gotta be kidding?

Dartball tonight, at Mount Tabor, right after I finish up a Freshman boys game at Delphos St. Johns.  Our team finds itself with a winning record in the second half at 5 up and 4 down, our first above .500 record after any week this season...we will see if we can stay hot this week, especially after beating our 2 old nemeses, Schumm and Mt Carmel, 5 of 6 games the past two weeks.

Looks like I may get the shovel and even the snow blowers out this morning if this keeps out to the great white north...

back later>>>>

Photos-Top Reagan now at 12 1/2 years is approaching the age of our longest living Airedale, Black Max, seen here as a pup in 1976...Max lived to be 12 years 7 months and 8 days, while producing hundreds of AKC Registered Airedale offspring...he indeed lived a good life...And the Super Bowl is set, Green Bay against the Steelers...GO PACKERS!

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Debie Elliot said...

Sports means a lot to a lot of people. Whether it's NFL, college, or high school, I believe people like to be involved. Sometimes football in America is like a tradition. The playoffs, the thrill of seeing the top teams have a go at it in the Super Bowl. It makes for great entertainment, good food, and drinks. Of course, no one agrees on all the teams, but I agree about this..The Super Bowl is "It's party time!" Everyone wants to win whether its a cheeseburger or a drink!