Monday, January 10, 2011

Pima County Arizona's Fascist Sheriff...

Clarence Dupnik or Dipstick, the Pima(Tucson) Country Sheriff is intent on getting his "15 minutes" of fame.  The Brown Shirt of local law enforcement in Tucson is intent, like the rest of the left wing bizarro world, of blaming Sarah Palin, and right wing talkers in the shooting in Arizona that left 6 dead and 14 wounded, including his fellow Democrat, Congresswomen Gabby Giffords.  The guy is a dyed in the wool tool for the American Left:

His rants, including well placed help from so called "conservatives" on Fox News, including Geraldo Rivera and Shep Smith, are the things that must seem like sexual release to the loser on the left side of politics.  He "explains" his baseless claims to Megyn Kelly on Fox News this weekend:

This is what happens when you get clowns like this left wing stooge running Law Enforcement....a brown shirt that would be more than happy to enforce shutting down the Internet, as well as Fox News, Talk Radio, and the First and Second Amendment.  As sick as the twisted Jared Loughner is, this guy, and those that think like him, is even more dangerous.

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Photos-Sheriff Clarence Dupnik and his ilk would have all of us marching to Commander Obama's tune, if he had his way...he doesn't have that power, at least not yet!

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