Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bow WoW....What a Dog of a Championship Game!

Yesterday was one miserable day weather wise...and it appears things will not get much better for the extended forecast.  It started out near 70 in the early morning, with heavy rains and thunderstorms coming into the west central Ohio region.  By the time I headed for Indian Lake and my final rules meeting of the baseball season, the temperatures had dropped into the mid 40s, and the heavy rain had turned to a cold drizzle.  This morning it is cold, and windy, but with, at least for now, some sunshine.

Needless to say the games throughout the area were canceled.  Tonight, who knows?  I am guessing the game I am scheduled to do will be hard pressed to be played.  Depending how much rain fell at the sand field in Fort Jennings....regardless today is one of the few dry days that is predicted for the next 10...the 15 and 30 day forecast calls for wetter with below normal temperatures...not something that sets the mind up for a pleasant Spring outlook.

What a dog-----Butler's Bulldogs vs UConn's Huskies

I headed the 45 miles south and east to Indian Lake High School for the final rules meeting...sure I had already had 7 credits in, and only needed 4, but with the rain out, I figured it couldn't hurt to grab a bite to eat at the final meeting, and see how the others season was going.   This was my second trip to the Top of Ohio, the rest were at my Van Wert Association meeting.   I knew, given the drive time coming back, I would miss at least the first half of the NCAA Championship game...I listened to it on radio, and as it turned out....I didn't miss much.

Butler led by 3 at the half, and took a quick 6 point lead to start the 2nd half...I grabbed a beer and hit the shower, by the time I came back upstairs, Butler was down by 8, and never recovered...shooting a pathetic 18.8% for the game.  "You Cons" wasn't much better, but good enough to come away with a 53-41 win...in a game that would have been low scoring in the non-shot clock era.   I turned on the Versus Network NHL Game midway through the second stanza, the basketball game was just too poorly played to watch.  I guess my only question is..."How long will it take the NCAA to 'vacate' the title from UConn and their corrupt coach and program?  He's already sitting out 3 games to start next season....more penalties are likely on the way.

Although I was rooting for Butler, because they are in Wright State's Horizon League....frankly I lost interest when Duke, then Ohio State got ousted from the tourney.....I'm ready for the Stanley Cup in Hockey{Go Flyers!}, and baseball, and to really enjoy that, we need some sunshine and dry weather.

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sam said...

I hung around wih it until UKY went out then I said "not worth watching". I knew the Virginia team VCU or Butler wouldnt make it.