Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally a Good Weather Game... Sam Houseworth on the Big Ten Network

Finally a game in without a jacket or long sleeve shirt on....

It was in the mid 60s when I arrived at Delphos Jefferson for the non league contest with Lima Perry...I had the plate, and was hoping for something a bit shorter and less wild than the game at Jefferson the night before.  That 29 run 2 hour 35 minute game was a wild one...last night?  Well, less runs(16), but a bit longer 2 hours 45 minutes, way too long for a varsity baseball game.  Jefferson, who had battled back from a 9 run deficit the night before, had the tables turned on them by the Perry squad.   Down 5-2, the Commodores scored one in the 6th, and 6 in the top of the 7th, to pull out a 9-7 win.

I guess I should have known it would be long game...on the first pitch in the bottom of the first, a high curve ball that didn't break, the groan out of the Perry dugout, and accompanying comments about the pitch being a strike(it wasn't even close), caused me to make a long pause, and stare in the direction for about 10 seconds.  I don't put up with bitching about my strike zone...I never could understand why any coach worth his salt would want his pitcher to toss and located pitches in that upper letter area, it's a good way to get destroyed.  I'll give a kid the low strike the entire game, and if consistent, I'll give him the outside or "black" of the plate...but high?  Not in this umpiring will not happen.

All in all it was a good game, with little hassles, but way too long...anything over 2 hours 15 minutes is too long to stand behind the tend to lose concentration....

But regardless, at least it was 65, light winds, and plenty of sunshine...a perfect baseball day, weather wise.  Tonight looks about the same, as Garry and I will head to Antwerp, some 50 miles north, for a league game with Sherwood Fairview.   I have the plate again, which will make 12 of 17 games behind the dish.  Will try to hook up with my 81 year old Uncle Jack after the game...grab a sammy and a beer at the local watering hole.  I have not seen him since last spring....May, to be exact, when working a game at Edgerton.

The Rest of the week and extended forecast don't look so good...rain tomorrow afternoon, and cooler and rain for Saturday.  Friday I am scheduled for a JV game here in Celina, Saturday, back at Antwerp...but that game is really in doubt...the back end of a scheduled triple header, involving 3 teams.

Sam goes national_____

Oldest son Sam, finishing up his Junior year at The Ohio State University, majoring in Actuarial Science, spends his out of class time, either umpiring or officiating high school sports...or working for OSU.Com and the Big Ten Network.  Despite this not being his major, he has done a variety of work, and gets more than his share of 'gigs'...usually directing Internet broadcasts or doing camera work on OSU.Com.  However on occasion he works on the Big Ten Network, covering Ohio State Sports...last night he worked as one of the play-by-play guys for the B10 game between Akron University and Ohio State.  Our umpire association interperter, Randy Bachman worked both ends of the double header, including the second game(the one broadcast) behind the plate.

So, today at 2pm, Sam makes his national debut as a p-b-p guy on the Student U production of the game....guess I'll get out the old tape player and record it.  I know in all my years of broadcasting, I always got the shakes or butterflies when attempting something new..Sam told me last night he didn't have time to think about being nervous...his 2 1/2 innings flew by too quick.

Big Ten Network at 2pm...Ohio State baseball hosting Akron...Sam Houseworth with the play-by-play for the first 2 1/2 innings, color after that.

back later>>>>

Photos-Weather is looking better, at least for another day...rain to return for Friday and the Weekend...Uncle Jack and me on this 80th Birthday celebration back in 2009, and Sam does p-b-p baseball for the Big Ten Network today, via tape delay...

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