Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Death of Conservatism in America....? Stay Tuned!

Looking out the windows, and the rains are falling....Again!  That has been the sad but true tale of the past 6 weeks...rain, cold, and plain lousy weather in the Heartland....despite it all, again yesterday, I got my game in.  By the time I arrived at Van Wert for the scheduled 4:30 start, the 54 degree temperatures in Celina, was only 46 degrees, some 23 miles north in VW...by the time the game ended at 6:45pm, it was 40 with a cold, brisk, northeast wind, which would proceed the rains that are now falling, and will continue to fall off and on, for the next 48 hours or so.  Snow Balls chance in Hell are the odds of tonight's WBL game at St. Marys versus Celina being played across the lake.  I'm 17 of 21 in getting contests played...which is good, even during a spring with good weather, it is amazing considering the bad weather...cold, rain, wind, and even some snow, we have had this season.

Wednesday I'm off anyway, Thursday at Columbus Grove for a NWC contest, Friday is Good Friday, so no game that day...scheduled to be back at Van Wert for a Saturday Double Dip vs Delphos St Johns... considering my luck with that DSJ team( all 4 of my cancellations in 5 attempts), I'm not to sure we will get another in this week, but that's down the road, so we will see what shakes out...or pours down.

Is Conservatism Dead in America?

I watched the news last night, and saw one of the perceived heroes of the Tea Party and the Right, pull down her pants for Obama and Company last night...

Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, in the forefront in the fight against illegals, and for the securing of the border, proved once again, most so called Conservative leaders, are no such thing.  Jan Brewer vetoed two bills supported by most Conservatives...and her reasons were as shallow as her soul, and nowhere as thick as that layer of make-up she plasters on her face daily.

In addition to vetoing the so-called "Birther Bill", she also, crossed off support for the right of students to conceal and carry on State University Campus settings.  The second bill, the 2nd Amendment Bill, I don't know much about...so will withhold most comments...but I suspect she caved because of heat from Washington and the Arizona left wing press....

The birther bill, would require anybody running for President, to show their legal Birth Certificate, to get on the Arizona Ballot for President.  How the Hell hard is that?  Too hard for Jan Brewer it appears...she folded her deck of cards, and crawled into bed with the rest of the so-called "Right"...Beck, Rove, Fox News, and a number of fence sitters, that have already fallen under Obama's spell.  You gotta wonder just what threats or rewards they have been offered?


Maybe Bobby Jindal will sign the Louisiana Bill...but don't bet on it.

CIA, The Islamics, afraid of riots in the Black, Islamic, and Illegal Communities, if Obammy is tossed out on his ear?  You gotta believe it is one of those reasons, or a combination of some or all of them.  The US Supreme Court is probably the only hope of tossing this illegal bastard out on his ear....and my guess is, they won't act either.

So what does this mean for Conservatives, down the road?

It means, that Barry Soetoro, the illegal Kenyan born son of a Kansas Whore, is going to get another four years in office....don't think so?  Think Again!

With the exception of Donald Trump, nobody on the GOP side, has the guts or soul to call for the unsealing of the Birth Certificate...and Trump, IMO, is not a serious candidate.  One thing for sure, if Trump has the guts and money to seek out the truth, Obama and Company will pull out all the stops, to quiet him...the next few weeks and months will tell that tale....I placing my bets with Obama and his henchman.

If Trump fails to "out" Obama, what are the odds any of the so-called GOP front runners can upset the apple cart?  Romney, Palin, Bachman, Newt, "Huckelberry", or the rest of the field?  Who can beat Obama,  his cheerleaders in the media, and  George Soros and Company?   Answer is:  None of the Above!

America's long nightmare under Barack Obama is just beginning...the final result will be the destruction of the Republic as we know it.  And that fellow Conservatives will soon be as clear as the nose no your faces.

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BRUNO said...

Well, I'd LIKE TO THINK that "The Donald" Trump is a serious-threat/contender against the ever-increasing-arrogant, back-door Muslim that's currently holding the Office Of The President "hostage", if you will?

But I'm just not ready to commit to Trump, not yet anyway. I just don't see the Republicans with any better "ammo" than they had in '08---and I don't see anything promising in the last-minute "reserves", either!

Yeah, that fuckin' Moo-slim might pull-off an election to yet ANOTHER 4-years---but I'll lay you 10-to-1 odds he will NOT complete such. I'd say he'd last maybe 18-months in, before either he gets tossed-out on a technicality---or CHINA throws ALL OF US out of our "For Sale"-country, with Barry as the head-auctioneer!

(You thought I'd forgotten about you, over here on the RIGHT-side of the "battle", didn't you...!!!)☺

PRH....... said...

Agree BRUNO...Obammy has got to go, but the GOP/RINOs are shooting blanks...(so to speak) :(

Deborah Wilson said...

It's getting scary now, Pat. That's why I say just wait until this fall when politics really heat up - bloggers are going to have to help out - we can't depend on media. More to say on this later...