Friday, April 8, 2011

Government Shutdown Looming? I Say...."Shut Er' Down"!

Garry and I headed off to Defiance College to work a high school game between the host Ayresville Pilots and visiting Hicksville Aces yesterday afternoon.  They were calling for highs in the upper 50s...what we got was a damn cold, northeast wind, and a temperature in the low 40s....seems that front hanging over Ohio decided not to move north, the expected warm up won't happen until at least tomorrow...and I'll believe that when I see it.  It was the coldest I have been working a game so far this young season.  The Pilots starting pitcher tossed a complete game no hitter, given up just one unearned run on two walks and a like number of errors in a 5-1 win.  The game lasted 1 hour 40 minutes, and we were back in Celina by 8pm.  So despite the cold least we had a quick game.

Tonight I am scheduled to work good one at LCC in Lima against perennial power Coldwater, 2 well coached teams if we would get it in...but at this hour that doesn't look good.  It's been raining, albeit, lightly since last evening, and the spotted showers are expected to remain until Noon.  I'm guessing area diamonds are not draining well, especially with the thick cloud cover, and continued light I'm expecting a cancellation call if things don't change in a hurry.  Tomorrow a double header is on the agenda up north at Wayne Trace, in Paulding's Blue Creek Township, the home of my family from the 1860s through the death of Aunt Eva back in 1998....just some cousins living there these days.

Shut It Down!

Our Congressman, House Speaker John Boehner, is working with Obammy the wonder Kenyan and Senate leader Harry "Dick Weed" on a continuing resolution to stop the massive Federal Government from shutting down tonight at Midnight....My question is "Why"?   I say "Shut the son of a bitch down..."  Who Cares?

No body except the Federal Bureacrats really will go on, essential services will continue, wars will be fought, freeloading illegals will continue to be served.  So John count me in on saying "Shut It Down"!!!!!  If the GOP blinks this time, the jig is up...we as a country will never get a hold on the run away spending coming out of John, once again I say..."Shut It Down"!

I suspect however, the GOP will get The Kenyan to sign on for another week, while the shrill voice of the lame stream media, the freeloaders, union thug leaders,  and the elites, will gain more time to lie and brow beat the GOP into caving.  How dare we cut $62 million from a multi-trillion dollar budget?  {Insert that eye roll you see to the right}

So, I'm hoping they shut it down...I guessing they won't.  Regardless  I going to enjoy the expected 70+ degree temperatures this weekend...and damn the Government, open or closed.

enjoy your weekend...
back later>>>>

Photos-Who will blink first...Speaker John Boener, or Obammy the Wonder Kenyan?  Stay tuned this weekend...if the Government shuts down, life will go on, and we will all be better for it...except union leaders, illegals, freeloaders, and BureauRats! 

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