Friday, October 14, 2011

End of Week, Cleaning out the files

 Most of the past week has been spent recovering from the Vietnam Security Police Association's 17th Annual Reunion, and getting out doing some football, some fall weather enjoying, and "borrowing", cropping, fixing, etc, the photos from the reunion.....time for some relaxation..or not.

Football last night under the lights at Spencerville, lucky the rain missed us both east, west, north, and south...tomorrow I will rise early, and head north, taking the place of a young official who needed to beg out...not much profit in driving that far for a JV game, but, I figure, he will need to pay me back some time, since he also works baseball, and basketball....always good to have something to fall back on.  Sunday a double header, as the Youth Football League takes to tournament action.....then next week I will clean out some of the photos etc from the past reunion, and do some more cropping, and "fixing"...amazing what you can do with photos these days, as compared to only a decade or so ago....even the worst photos can be made viewable....

In the meantime, here is what I leave you with this week, as I file the VSPA Memories away...The Bench that was dedicated next to the Defender Statue at the Air Force Museum...borrowed from The Rameys...(2) A fall shot of "Whiskey Run" near Montezuma, Ohio, where I spent the winters of my high school years, learning how to master ice skating in those long ago and long winters of the mid 1960s....(3) And the photos of my Nha Trang Law Enforcement Buddies from 1969 with the 14th SPS....(a) Harry Bevan and me, photo by Tony Niemotka, and (b) Harry, me, and Tony, taken by Harry's wife Anna....enjoy the weekend, back later:

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