Monday, October 24, 2011

Growing Up in Venice Florida(part 1) ....from 2008

Football, football, and more football....and my legs, back, head, all feel it this morning...or maybe it's just a slight cold, but either, I'm about footballed out.  Regardless this will be the last week for me.  A break of sorts before Roundball starts.  A JV game here in Celina tonight, Friday I may head down to the Ohio River at Ironton, it depends on if the regular guy can make it{seriously I hope he can, that's a long haul}, then Saturday Night the Cross Country Youth League "Super Bowl" will be held in Celina...I need to select two other officials to work with me on that night, a tough chore, because Ohio State plays Wisconsin that night, and getting guys to move their butts off the couches and chairs, even for $100 cash, might be a hard do.

Growing Up In Venice Florida    

Back in the 1950s and early 60s, I lived in a small town on the Gulf of Mexico, called Venice, Florida....Venice, certainly has change over the past 5 or 6 decades, but when we vacation or visit there it still brings back memories of my youth....I Blogged about those days a few years ago, and will repeat those posts over the next week or so...beginning today with part one:  {click link below} 

Sure doesn't seem like 3 1/2 years since I posted that, and certainly doesn't seem like nearly 60 years since my family moved to Venice, or 49 since we left there for the return to Ohio.

back later >>>more Venice links and Memories tomorrow

Photos-Me living in South Venice around 1955 age 6, and Me, and the Blackburn boys{my classmate and buddy Ted Blackburn on my left}, along with my sister Marty, on our Venice By-Way residence on my 9th Birthday Party March 16, 1958...

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