Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Fall has arrived in full force...the strong winds over the weekend took care of much of the color from the trees locally, a color that lasts just a short while, and with a bit of rain, and some strong winds, it is gone in an instant.

On Saturday I dragged myself out of bed, after a late Friday, where Nick, Tom, and I, had a few brews at C-Town Wings in Celina.  Nick and I downed more than a couple 22 oz Oktoberfest Drafts...but I felt pretty good Saturday AM despite it all.  Tom wanted to go with me, not so much to watch a JV game between Cory-Rawson and home standing Leipsic, but to take a side trip to Deshler to check in with his old horse training friends, to say good-bye before he heads for Florida next week for the winter.

 The game was played in cool and windy conditions, but we finished it up before Noon{after a 10am start), and were on our way to the Corn City Bar in Deshler.  We each had one beer and a Texas Tenderloin...then headed to visit Tom's friends, before stopping by the Stables to check in with one of the horses that he worked with..."Holiday Shopper", a four year old Filly has had a successful career, and Tom was a big part of running and training her.  Done there we headed back to Celina....

When I got home, I watched Ohio State "upset" Illinois...hardly an upset, the Illini were overrated from the get-go, and despite completing only one pass, OSU and it's defense dominated the 17-7 game.  In other sports, Texas and the hated Cardinals both completed their respective American and National League crowns, and will meet in the World Series beginning Wednesday.

Sunday, Sam, home from Columbus, and I worked a youth league tournament double header...a couple of upsets, and it looks like the teams from Celina, may be done....I know the Green and White teams all lost, meanwhile the Celina Black team won, so we will have a final double header on Sunday.   Football for me is winding down for tonight and tomorrow at Celina, Thursday at Paulding, Saturday at Lima Perry, and finally next Monday here in Celina, are all I have left on my schedule....then some rest, a trip to Wisconsin, then it will be time to get ready for Basketball season, and that first Grandson, who is scheduled to be born in late November.

The Garden's Last Gasp____

Cut off the few remaining Sunflower heads on Saturday...the Squirrels had already taken care of most....which just means less for them this winter.  Although I'm sure that they have been storing my stock for a month or so already.  The Moon Flowers were going great guns, until this last week, and now they appear to be spent as well....despite hundreds that bloomed this summer and fall, I think we will change their location next spring, to take advantage of the fast growing productive vines.  About the only things still blooming are the Marigolds, which are tough as nails, and will likely keep producing until the first hard freeze...and we may have one or two more lawn mowings left in the Toro before the lawn gives it up for the coming winter.  

Have I said "I hate Winter"?  As much as I enjoy fall weather, I am not looking forward to the long cold winter ahead....but then again, I am no fan of hot and humid summer conditions either....

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photos-The Flowers of Spring and Summer are but a memory...and Tom with one of the fillies, and one of his favorites "Manny Shuffle" from the Suggs Stables...

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