Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Idiots Disguised As Fans/The Changing Beer Season

A bit of rain falling this morning, after yesterday finished on a cloudy, windy, and seasonable note.  Yesterday afternoon I was off to Celina Stadium to work a Freshman Football game between two good teams...Kenton came in undefeated, against Celina, whose Freshman class appears set to bring the program back to respectability.  The game was as advertised, with Kenton pulling out a 22-20 win over the Bulldogs.  One official was a no-show, so three of us had to work the game between two pass orientated teams...Big John, who with bad knees, is not the fastest rabbit on earth, probably slower than me was the head referee...Pastor Jim, the only man with any speed, was on the Kenton side, I was with the chains on Celina's side...the three of us were.hardly going to cover 22 freshman players with footballs in the air and speed to burn....we did our best, but I'm sure we missed a few calls.

I doubt if it would have mattered in the final outcome, although I believe there may have been a missed a late hit against the Wildcats on a late fourth quarter 4th down.  That play came in Kenton territory late, and could have given Celina new life...Regardless, the real point is the collection of morons, who, mostly parents at this level, are called "fans"...yes, as in fanatics.

The visiting side, even with the win, and getting the majority of calls their way, were particularly brutal...I'm sure Pastor Jim heard the barrage of foul mouth four letter words coming out of the stands...both sides had their share, but the visitors by far were the worst...so much so, after the game, one of the young coaches came up and apologized for the fans on his side.  Jim says he's about ready to chuck it(officiating as a sidelight)...it's been a bad year for him as far as fan abuse...although this year, I have not seen in my games, anymore than usual.  And I've had no threats of physical violence, like last year...although Jim did have a couple of morons a week or so ago, in the game I took off, due to being in Dayton, telling him they would meet him in the parking lot.  They never showed, but even to threaten shows the pure stupidity of some.

My guess is these morons are not only lousy fans, they are most likely lousy parents....I am(along with Jim) back here in Celina tonight for a Junior High game...hopefully the rain will go away....

The Seasonal Beer Season_____

Although I am in no hurry for winter to ascend on Western Ohio, late fall and winter are my favorite beer drinking seasons.  Summer, I guzzle down gallons of Miller Lite...just because it's cheap and after a Summer ACME baseball double header, it goes down pretty well.  But when the leaves change, and that is followed by the snow flying, my taste turns to the darker shades of brew.

In the short fall season, I will test the various Autumn Beers from Sam Adams and Blue Moon(Coors), as well as some of the smaller micro brewery fares.  I really don't have a favorite "Fall Beer", but unlike some so called beer experts, I don't spend my time fretting about the ups and downs of every damn beer I try...If I don't like it, I simply don't go back to that particular taste.  Why bitch about it, just move on to another brand or taste?

The pumpkin beers and ales are varied this time of year...I enjoy a Sam Adams Octoberfest, and a Harvest Moon beer, and even the Pumpkin Ale out of Blue Moon as well....those are not something I would buy year round, but, as a change of pace from the summer lager scene and before the darker stout beers and larges of winter are produced, they are not bad....I'm sure I will have a couple after tonight's game.

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Photos-Football season, of the lower levels is winding down....and if last night is any indication, none to soon.  And the fall beer season is in full bloom....Sam Adams and Blue Moon(Coors) both produce drinkable fares for Autumn.

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