Friday, October 7, 2011

VSPA Dayton Update

Back for the day/night from Dayton and the VSPA Reunion...taking a break to officiate football tonight at Allen East tonight with Garry and his crew....will work as Back Judge.....tomorrow we will head back to finish up the 17th Annual Reunion with the Banquet at the Fairborn Holiday Inn at I-675.

The photos added to the header at the top and of me and my old Security Police LE Buddy from Philly, Harry we looked yesterday at the Memorial Bench Dedication at Wright Patterson and the AF Museum....and how we looked 43 years earlier on duty with Law Enforcement at Nha Trang Air Base South Vietnam, in late Summer 1969.....more photos and stories over the weekend and early next week....

back later>>>>

Photos-In addition to the updated photos of Harry and me, we took a few dozen others at the Bench Dedication at the Defender is me and Bill Marshall, the only two members from Scott, Ohio, probably the smallest of the towns(about 250 people) represented....then the in back of the bench that was unveiled yesterday stands our small group of Security Police that served at Nha Trang, that are gathering this week at the VSPA Reunion in Dayton.   As before, more stories and photos coming....

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