Friday, October 21, 2011

Marvin Kuhns, The Final Chapter?

The {hopefully} final day of three absolutely miserable days has come and gone...Tuesday through most of yesterday and into last night, were in a weather word "Awful".  Cold, rain, wind, 3 straight days of it.  As I headed out of Celina about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, it seem that it was going to be one wet, miserable, day of officiating Junior High football at Paulding.  However, as luck would have it...the rain ceased as I hit the land of windmills, near the Van Wert-Paulding County line near my old hometown of Scott...not that the sun came out or the wind died down...but the rain did slow to a sprinkle, and would stop by the time the 5 O'Clock start came a calling.  Despite some mud and wet conditions, the game was played in windy by mostly rainless the time I drove out of Paulding, heading south for Celina, the rains came back...and I drove the remaining 40 miles in a combination mist and light rain.

Tonight, back to Varsity fill in action, as I head to Fort Recovery, and hook up with the old guy crew out of the Columbus area, to work a MAC game between rivals St. Henry and the home standing Indians.  Redskins vs The, that would have the Politically Correct crowd in a tither....?  Tomorrow a JV game at Lima Perry is in the cards.

What's a Football Official to do?  Or AKA "Streaking in Stripes"___

I was watching the World Series last night, and on occasion turned in over to the College FB game on Fox case you missed the "highlight" of the's good stuff...not the game, but this part: 

Funny stuff, although I imagine there will be some suspensions in store for a couple of players at least.
Marvin Kuhns...The Final Chapter

Another and the final segment in my look back at The Outlaw Marvin Kuhns, for this blog during February 2008....

As you can see I was more upset with Blogger, which pretty well ruined much of my day's work....anyway old Marvin bought it that day on the Grubaugh Farm, which I drove by last is now in the area near Scott, filled with hundreds of those new "Green Energy" Windmills...massive things which blight the landscape, and I doubt do much good in the solving of the energy woes of this country....

for more on Marvin and his Outlaw life, this site has some good information as well, and a look at more of Marvin's Follies:

So there you have much of Marvin met his demise and how my dad, for Antique and Collectibles reason became intertwined with the outlaw....and me by proxy.

Enjoy your weekend...back later;

Top Photo-Marvin Kuhns in a softer moment, it appears, with his dog and her pups...I'm not sure if this was before, during, or after his Outlaw Escapades....

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