Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Day with the K~Man!

No time to write a blog yesterday, Daughter-in-Law Lisa was here at 6:30am for a day working with those folks that are in the business of providing services for our daughter we had the grandson, Kasyn for the day...Patricia was already up, and I arose and showered before she headed out to St Henry for the school day.  So it would be me and Kasyn for the next 10 hours or so....Lisa came back at lunch time, and helped, but for the most part it was grandpa and the K~Man...he took a nap at 10:45 for 90 minutes or so, and another just after 5 until his mom and grandmother Patricia arrived home....the rest of the day was eating, and watching him run the gauntlet of toys around, both those they brought from Centerville, and those including the new race station that we purchased over the weekend on our Dayton trip.

At just over 15 months, the grandson is in the 90% height wise and over 75% in the weight class...he is big, smart, and active, but what else would a grandad say?  Even though it is the truth...frankly he is just active enough to wear me out....I was glad to sit in the recliner, and watch hockey and roundball for the evening, Hal and Lisa said this morning, despite the extra afternoon nap that I allowed Kasyn to have, he still slept for 13 hours last night...I didn't get up until after 8:30 myself, and that was only when Hal called to inform me that the K~Man had slept so well himself.

Saturday is my 64th birthday, and unlike last year when I spent number 63 under the knife at Lima Memorial, this year we will spend it south.  The morning watching Kasyn take swimming lessons, and the rest of the day near Cincinnati with Kasyn and his parents at Entertainment Junction...should be another long day....but getting to spend it with the grandson is always entertaining in itself. 

Next week, speaking of doctor visits...I have ultra sound at St Marys Joint Township Hospital to re-check my Carotid Artery, on Monday, then Wednesday at my heart doc in New Bremen....another visit to Lima on April 5th and we should know how the last year has gone, health-wise anyway.

Dartball Final....

Monday night I finished up the Dartball Campaign, at the All Star session at Mendon.  I certainly, in my mind, didn't deserve to be there after my worst season in 20 years...but John from our team picked me up around 7pm and we headed over to the Mendon Church...tossing 5th for the 12 man south squad, I thought they had me to high in the order for the kind of season I had...but I started off with a single and a RBI, followed by a out, then grabbed 6 consecutive hits, 5 singles and a triple with another 3 runs batted in...ending the night 7 for 8 with four runs batted far my best night, was saved for the final night.  We swept the north, giving the South a clean sweep of awards....Mt Carmel winning the regular season and playoffs, and Hopewell taking the Tournament....The Banquet final is next Monday and the dartball can rest until next fall...the opening of the season in early November.

The weather from next week, the opening of the baseball scrimmage season, doesn't look promising...but with 7 scrimmages scheduled, hopefully I will get one or two first game of the regular season is a single game at St Marys vs Bellefontaine, Saturday March 30th, the day before Easter.  Scheduled to work that with Garry, one of a dozen or so times we will travel together for various league and non-league varsity action....rules meeting in Van Wert tonight, one of a couple more of those I will attend.

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Photos-Kasyn was active and happy most of the day yesterday, Dartball despite the bad personal season, ended well as I went 7 for 8 with 4 runs batted in yesterday, and it appears that this year's birthday #64 will be much improved over last March when I spent the 63rd in surgery for a clogged Carotid Artery.

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