Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Season{Start} on the Brink....Mercer Murders Solved?

The Sun has been peeking out from various layers of clouds that have rolled in and out of the upper Miami Valley here in western Ohio...with the clouds and still 20 degree below normal temperatures, the half foot or more of snow we had on Sunday night and early Monday is having a hard time melting into the streets and streams..  This has resulted in me going Zero for Seven in pre~season baseball scrimmages.  Garry and I are set to work Saturday in the season opener at St. Marys...but this too looks in serious doubt, the fields were not in good shape before the storm, and now with snow still covering most, if we get started in the next week, with rain again forecast for Sunday, it will be a small miracle.

I drove over to St Marys this morning...some 72 hours before the opener.  Frankly I was bored and with gas at the town across the lake from us at $3.46 a gallon, compared to our $3.65, I  figured, "What the Hell, the Trip is almost Free"...I took the scenic tour to the south edge of town to K.C. Geiger Park, to see how the baseball diamond looked....and as you can see by the photos's got a lot of drying off yet to do...Saturday indeed doesn't look's been that kind of early Spring.

Mercer County Murders Solved?

Back around Thanksgiving I wrote about the horrific murders of 70 year old rural Fort Recovery man and his 47 year old daughter.  Robert Grube was wheel chair bound and his daughter, who had, like Robert, suffered a stroke, took care of him....they were found in November 2011 in their farm home, some 12 miles south of Celina, bound with Duct Tape and shot to death.  The case never went cold, but it did drag...drugs, especially with the increase in Heroin sales and Meth labs in the area was suspected.  It appears that was the case indeed.  Two men have been arrested in connection with the gruesome killings.

A 22 year old from Union City, Ohio, a town in Darke County which shares the town with Indiana and Randolph County that state's Randolph County, along with a 18 year old punk, currently in prison for an unrelated crime in Michigan City, Indiana, have been charged...more arrests are pending.  One fly in the ointment is the fact the 18 year old was 17 when the crime occurred and has been sent to Juvenile Court...I suspect and hope he will be charged as an adult...sadly he still won't be eligible for the death penalty.  Both perps have been named in previous cases involving Meth Labs....Murder is rare in Mercer County, and this one, being particularly brutal needs some closure...and the bastards involved need taken out of society, preferably via execution, but I don't hold out much hope for that.

The Update is here:

I had planned on missing my final baseball rules meeting tonight in Van Wert....but with today and tomorrow's scrimmages already cancelled...I might as well make the trip, the last one until football meetings begin in August...back later>>>>

Photos:  St Mary's KC Gieger Park...not yet ready, or anywhere close some 72 hours before the first game scheduled to be played, this coming Saturday...and the Grube home as it looked back in November 2011 the morning after the brutal murders of a father and his adult daughter.

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