Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Ain't Done Yet...

First off a small rant....This Gawd Damn Computer gets slower by the day....maybe somebody is trying to tell me something, but it's almost like going back to Dial-Up....arrrgggggh!

March Comes in.....Like a Lion!

Cold with snow flurries much of the weekend {the top photo was taken about 8am yesterday}, but that snow had melted by afternoon as the 32 degree sun took care of business...It looks like we will not be so lucky with the storm headed our way by tomorrow...a foot is predicted in southeast Wisconsin, while down this way they are saying 4 to 8 inches by this time Wednesday morning.   Hopefully it will gone by the time we head for Dayton on Friday afternoon.   The only ones looking to be affected by this, as far as travel to Wright-Patterson, will be my buddy "Big Sam" Lewis and wife Ruth, who are in the ground zero area of the Virginia Panhandle, which is likely to get clobbered....hopefully it will clear out in time for them to make it by Friday afternoon.

It appears my chores today, other than the bank and minor stuff, will be getting gas for the Snow Machine, and making sure Mom's is ready as looks like I will getting those out one more time, and starting them will be the big challenge, since I have not had them fired up since early January.....Damn March!  Last year, despite being laid up with Carotid Artery surgery, March was bathed in record breaking warm weather, 70s and 80s much of the appears 2013 will be more normal, weather-wise.

Speaking of Carotid...time for the yearly off I go to Joint Township Hospital in St. Marys for a ultrasound on March 18th and then to Lima for the reading on April 5th...meanwhile back to my regular cardiology doc on March 20th.  I'm not sure what to expect, but at this time I'm already sure I won't opt for anymore surgery of this type...nearing 64 and having lived a good life, I am not likely to undergo any major surgery unless I am on death's door...and frankly, maybe not even then.

The Weekend in Review....

Sam arrived back at O'Hare from Salt Lake City late Friday afternoon, jumped in his Nissan and drove the 225 miles southeast and arrived here about 1:30 Saturday morning....he took care of some business, had a couple of good meals, washed his stuff, picked up his baseball umpire gear, and headed back to the Chicago bergs ahead of the storms yesterday appears his company, like much of America, has began laying off, but he was spared, despite being a new employee...hopefully that will hold, but he is well aware of what's going on in the world of Obama, it's a freaking disaster in the making, as the Marxist Bastard Child of Kenyan and his co-whores are bent on destroying what the Founding Fathers have taken so long to build.

Other than catching up with Sam on his travels and what's going on in his business, I spent the rest of the weekend watching Duke welcomed the return of forward Ryan Kelly, who tossed down 36 points as the Blue Devils gained a measure of revenge by beating Miami 79-76....

On Sunday I sat around, eyes, glazing over, and watched Lonesome Dove for 8 hours...I could watch that mini series every week...I have it on tape and DVD, but watched it off and on this weekend on Reelz TV...that way I could head out during commercials...once done with that, I caught a fight filled NHL game between Boston and Montreal, and then headed off to bed, the weekend finished...Damn I am looking forward to the weekend Sky Cop Reunion, and the spring and baseball that will follow.  Cabin Fever has set it!

On that same venue, Nick, Jim Olson, and I, played phone tag, and finally decided on mid July dates to head to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, and re-create Jim and my June 1978 trip to Wind Lake and the Island we camped on in the attached photo.  We will see if our old bodies can handle the strain and pain.

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Photos-The morning snow from early yesterday is gone, but one more major{at least one more} snow event is slated to arrive tomorrow...which will bring out the Snow Blower for hopefully the last time.  Gus{Robert Duvall} from the Classic 1989 Mini-Series "Lonesome Dove" of my favorites.  And our Campsite and the Wind Lake Island we last visited in June 1978 is on our "Bucket List" for this coming July.

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