Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So This Is Spring?

Sitting here wondering just what the Hell is going on with Mother Nature...(1) For all you Global Warming Idiots...shove up your collectives asses...I know a little about science, having faked my way through studies in Biology and Environmental Health, and I "KNOW" {not guess} that Global Warming is a fake science contrived by Marxist assholes designed to bankrupt and destroy free market capitalism....so let's get that lie out of the way, front and center.

On the other hand, I've seen cold March weather, even in late March in my 64 years...the 1980s come to mind, at least the early part of that decade.  Oldest son Sam was born in December 1981...and it wasn't a pleasant beginning for him...he was back in the hospital within a month with bronchitis, by the first of April of 82 he was back again...same thing...and the weather didn't help, March was lousy with rain, ice, and snow, that year....April wasn't much better.  I was working my last full year in radio, full time at least, at WCSM, and I remember that baseball season, broadcasting high school games from open air press boxes, and freezing my ass off much of the season, the teams were lucky to get a third of their games in...it was miserable...this "Spring" is starting out much like that....

The Forecaster Get One Right...

Much of the early part of the weekend, the Weather Channel, {Global Warming Hoax Central}, was predicting 5 to 10 inches of snow for our area...we in Mercer County were on the northern edge of that line, at least from the predictions...and this time they got it correct...although I believe we were more in the middle of the mess...getting somewhere between 6 and 9 inches depending on where you were in the county...I measured 8 inches in places that were not affected by the winds.

With a day off school my wife, Patricia, was up early and had fired up my snow blower before I had my first cup of coffee...she had the large part done on the stone laden driveway{a real treat with a 5HP Snow Machine}...I finished it off and we headed over to the other part of town to pick up daughter Anissa for her scheduled check up at the Doctor in Minster...some 20 miles south and east...the roads, complete with about a half inch of ice under the half foot and more of snow, were a mess...but steady and slow with the $WD Nitro got us there and back, safe and sound.  Dropping Anissa off at her place, I headed over to mom's...she is in Florida for another couple of weeks, but with older brother Mike living there, I pulled in the drive, and pulled out her much smaller Toro Snow Blower...the 2 stroke self pusher was struggling{frankly even the 5HP machine of mine struggled} through the heavy wet snow..."Heart Attack" snow is what I call it...anybody of age or with a condition has to be a fool to try shoveling this kind of white death out.

Done with that I headed home, and basically holed up for the remainder of the day...working on contracts for baseball and my other sports...although it seems pretty silly to be working or thinking about baseball.  So far 6 scrimmage cancelled without getting near the diamonds...and with Thursday being my final game before the regular season, it appears we will get none in, and who knows when the regular season will begin?  Saturday is Garry and my opener at St Marys, a single game with Bellefontaine...that is doubtful to be played, and I'm not even thinking about games post Easter at this time.  Last season I got zero scrimmages in, not because of the weather, because March was mostly dry and in the 70s and 80s...last season it was surgery delayed, before finally getting in my first game{medal staples in neck and all} in late March...this year Mother Nature has tossed us that curve ball.

So this is Spring?  Yes, actually it is...although a 8 inch snowfall this late is not the norm...it for sure is not all that rare...neither are lousy months of March, sometime even in it's entirety...it's Spring in the heartland and if this year turns out like 1974...we might now see good warm weather until mid June.  I remember that Spring...especially a June 20th when Bob Jones and I headed down to Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati and even that far south the high that first day of Summer was only in the lower 60s, 1974 was a cold ass Spring...

Speaking of Opening Day in Cincinnati, this year it on April 1st against the American League's LA
Angles{talk about tossing tradition out the door}...hopefully by that time it will dry off, and warm up...I have a game scheduled in Delphos on that day....buy 6 days out, I'm not betting on it.. ..I've seen entire first weeks of the season for high school baseball cancelled...so yes this early Spring sucks...but it's just not all that unheard of.

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Photos-The Backyard Birds and Squirrels were having to make their way through the 8 inch snow fall this morning to gather the feed and seed I put out...Patricia had much of the driveway clear yesterday before I got my rear end outside to help...the drive to Minster via 4 lane Ohio 29 and 2 lane Ohio 66 was not easy, even with 4WD....and 6 days out from the Reds Opener on April 1st...the weather still says WINTER!

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