Friday, March 15, 2013

When I'm 64.......

Back when this Beatles Song came out....who would have thunk it?

Not me for anyway, tomorrow I become, "When I'm 64"

At this point it appears it will sure beat the Hell out of "When I turned 63"...last year, on a Friday Morning I arrived at Lima Memorial and eventually was wheeled into surgery and had my throat cut open and a stint implanted in my Carotid Artery...frankly, I've never felt the same since.  Tomorrow on my 64th Patricia and I head south to spend the day with youngest son Hal, his wife Lisa, and grandson Kasyn....after seeing the "K~Man" only one time since Christmas, this will be our third visit with him within a 7 day period....last Saturday at the Dayton Vietnam Reunion he spent the day with us at the AF Museum and Hope Hotel, Tuesday I had him all day here, while his mom did some work with our daughter, and tomorrow, we will watch{Patricia will jump in with him} him take swimming lessons, then off to Entertainment Junction near Cincinnati.

Today will see temps rise near 50....the warmest since Sunday, hardly like last March when this entire week was bathing in sunshine and 80s...I remember when I left the hospital last St. Patrick's Day, despite the fog I personally was in, the temps made even my condition seem less such luck this year, cold for the weekend and most of next week, with plenty of rain.  Unlike last year when we only had one rained out baseball game, this season looks like it will be "iffy" to get in half the scheduled contests...but time will tell.

Last year this weelk the March Madness had already began....this year, it, like our baseball season, will begin a week later....however, the Conference Tournament games are already out in full after a quick half hour walk to the post office and back....I'm gonna do a little house work, and then sit on my butt and watch hoops most of the day.....

back later>>>

Photos-"When I'm 64" came out on the Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's" LP....We will spend the 3rd day in this past week with Grandson Kasyn, and happy to do it, and Spring Baseball in the gotta be prepared for any type weather!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brother !HAVE A GREAT DAY !

Sam said...

Sam said that!Dont know why anonymous keeps popping up here. Over my head but of course most electronic stuff is .

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