Monday, March 11, 2013

Back From Dayton

I picked up Patricia at 3pm Friday at school and we left St. Henry for Wright~Patterson AFB and our annual Mini~Reunion of Vietnam and Thailand "Sky Cops" from the Air Force years....we have been meeting at the Air Force Museum at WPAFB since 2007, off and on, and this was our third consecutive year at the Hope Hotel adjacent to the base also turned out to be our biggest.  Despite a few cancellations, which happens to groups of our age, with increasing frequency, we had 31 old Sky Cops, 28 wives and children, and three Special Force guys from the base....62 or so in total, with a Pizza Buffet on Friday, the day at the Museum Saturday, and a full blown dinner on Saturday night at the Hope....we also hit the Packy's Pub and Sports Bar both nights, and ate the buffet breakfast there on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

My co`pilot, Bob Griffith had things set up when we arrived Friday afternoon about 5...coolers full of Domestic Beer, and plenty of snacks and wine, etc on the tables...we dined on Pizza and snacks, competed in a 50/50 drawing, and had a nice "Silent Auction" of Mini Reunion and Military related gifts.  The first night went great, and I think all were pleased with the way Bob and I had things arranged...I did the e-mail work, and frankly Griff did everything else....along with help from Lisa at Greene County Visitors Bureau, and Sue at the Hope Hotel.

We had folks from as far away as Alabama and Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, in addition to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  On Saturday most of us met at the Security Police Defender Fortis Statue at the west grounds of the Museum, Patricia and I had a "guest" as young Grandson Kasyn spent the day with us, and mom and dad were in Columbus at a meeting on some work related stuff....he was the highlight of the gathering.  After the day touring the Museum of the Air Force, we gathered back at the Hope for a fine Roast Beef and Pork Chop Banquet Dinner.  In addition to the meal, Bob had contacted a friend of his, Senior Master Sgt Small and two of his young troops from the Special Forces(nee' Air and Security Police) long speeches from the trio, just a short introduction and and one on group conversations with small tables of attendees and wives.

Afterwards, my buddy Big Sam Lewis and I headed for Packy's to watch the annual Big Game between his North Carolina Tar Heels and my favorite roundball team, Duke...wasn't much of a game, Duke led from the get-go and cruised to a 16 point win....a great weekend was finished off in fine fashion on Sunday morning, as those of us who had not taken off early met for one final meal at Packy's and enjoyed one final hour of company and a breakfast buffet....

Patricia and I headed out, saying our final good~byes and after picking up some toys for Kasyn's visit tomorrow at the area Meier Store, we headed home, and arrived back in Celina by Noon.  A MRSI Board Meeting in an hour, and the final Dartball action of the season tonight as I participate in the All Star Game between North and South at Mendon tonight.

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Photos-"The Badges" that the folks at Greene County{OH} Tourist and Visitors provided us for the weekend....23 or so of us on Saturday Morning...seems we can never get all of us at the Statue at the same time...Old Age?  Lost Directions?  Hangovers?  Combination of all?   Part of Saturday Night's are some of the Pork Chops...we had plenty of veggies, cheese tray, potatoes, Roast Beef, and other things to make it a great meal....The three constants at most of these get-togethers...Me, Big Sam, and Tillman....different worlds, but held together by the past....then me and my Dover Buddy, Howie Pritchard....found Pritch a few weeks back, or he found me, and we get together for the second time in recent weeks, his first Reunion, and then there was me and Patricia...I think I was wondering around with beer in hand Friday, but we did spend much of the day and evening Saturday together....Great Weekend Finished!


Sam said...

Even watching the Heel loss, putting it mildly, to its Arch enemy would not dampen the spirit of the Great Weekend . Thks Brother for putting it on .

PRH....... said...

Great Time It Was Sammy!