Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Birthday by the Boards....

As opposed to last March, with much above conditions, dry and in the 70s and 80s for much of the month....we won't see a day reach 60 this month, with most remaining in the 30s and 40s for highs, with plenty of rain, some snow, and this morning dreaded ice....which caused the cancellation of schools north and two hour delays locally and to the south.  The first of my half dozen baseball scrimmages, set for tomorrow at Delphos Jefferson, has already been cancelled...and I'm sure that most of the rest will follow suit.  Cold, wet, and no sun to speak of, will not allow the fields to dry anytime soon....and at best the March 30th opener at St. Marys is about the best we can hope for...but last year I did no scrimmages either, but that of course had nothing to do with the weather....I was recovering from a birthday Carotid Surgery operation, which set me back a couple of weeks...this year Mother Nature will do what surgery did last season.

With a two hour delay at St. Henry, Patricia and I slept in an extra hour....she headed off to school and I showered and got ready for my first annual post Carotid check~up...the main roads were clear of the early icing when I headed to Joint Township in St. Marys...the ultrasound was finished early, and I was back in Celina before Noon...I have a regular appointment on Wednesday in New Bremen on Wednesday, and then in Lima on April 5th, I have a scheduled appointment to get the ultrasound read, and see how the last year has treated my Carotid Artery...frankly I don't really have a read on what the results will bare, and just as frankly I'm not overly concerned at this point.

Sitting on 64.....

Saturday morning, Patricia and I awoke early and headed for the Dayton Area.  We were to watch{with Grandma participating} grandson Kasyn take his swimming activities in Centerville....the youngster really enjoys the water, and I'm guessing he will learn to swim early, which is a good thing.  Once done with that we returned to Hal and Lisa's, where they fixed me a Birthday of Beer Can Chicken and Scallop Potatoes {yes Liberal dumb asses the plural is spelled like Dan Quayle had it}...then after the "K~Man" finished his nap, we headed south to the north Cincinnati berg of West Chester for a visit to the outstanding Model Train outlet and village, called EnterTrainment Junction:

The place is a hoot, for youngsters and any adult that is interested or loved model trains in their youth.....the designs and villages, mountains, etc are something to behold.

We spent 2 hours or more there, and then Patricia and I headed by to Celina, plenty worn out, and plenty pleased with the activity on my 64th Birthday....

The Rest of the weekend was pretty much spent in front of the tube...watching league tournament basketball....I gotta admit that March Madness is tops on my Tube Watching list...even teams other that Ohio State, Duke, and Ohio U, I can usually watch, especially come this time of the year.  Anyway Ohio State won the Big Ten Tournament for the fourth time in 5 seasons, while Duke got knocked out early by Maryland...both received #2 Seeds, the Blue Devils going to the Midwest and Ohio State heading West, but playing it's opening games at Dayton.  The Ohio University Bobcats were knocked out by Akron in the MAC finals games, but still are headed to the NIT to take on Denver.

So if the baseball games are cancelled by rain and or cold...I've got plenty of roundball to watch beginning Thursday at Noon....and I will be doing just that.

back later>>>>

Photos-Saturday was my 64th birthday, and unlike my 63rd which I spent in the Lima Memorial Hospital under going surgery, this one was much more enjoyable....spending it with youngest son Hal and his family...watching grandson Kasyn enjoying swimming and a afternoon at the Entertrainment Junction....meanwhile March Madness has arrived, starting a bit late this year, but the brackets are set to begin Thursday.

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