Monday, October 14, 2013

A Week Gone By...or is it Bye?

Looked and saw that I had not posted a blog since last full week, really had not planned on going that long on the "New Me and My Blog"...but **it happens at times, and this was one.  Here is what has happened in the last week:


Our Pole Smoking Ass Clown in the White House, and his henchman, are still holding America Hostage...the so-called Government shutdown drones on...and really, does anybody{except for the leaches known as Federal Government Employees} really give a shit?

Will the GOP Cave and when?  Tick, Tick, Tick....


Baseball enters the AL and NL finals...Boston and Detroit{after a massive Tiger Choke last night} are tied at 1 game each in the American League, while in the NL the Cards lead the Dodgers 2 games to #3 being played as I type in LA...but really, I just don't have an interest.

In College Football, Alabama, Oregon, Clemson{a joke of a team}, Ohio State, and Florida State are undefeated and ranked one through five....Michigan lost in 4 Overtimes at Penn High Light for the weekend...

Meanwhile in the NFL, the Bengals now lead the AFC North with a 4-2 long that will last....??  Time will tell....

The NHL Season has team the Philly Flyers other team, Columbus is so-so...but being in the East along with Philadelphia....who will I root for in the end?

More games and observations coming up later in the week....I will post about....probably.

Blast from the Past:

1960 Halloween in Venice, Florida....over 50 years later I remember it O' So buddies Mike Graff, and Barry Young{both deceased} and Jackie Dye{not sure what happened to him} and I, did our "Trick or Treat" on the {then} Small Town of Venice...our Trick was to slap Nixon/Lodge bumper stickers on businesses along Venice Avenue, only to have them covered up by those with Kennedy/Johnson stickers...or vice versa...little Juvenile JDs we were...but at 11 years old, we really were not trying to cause harm....God Rest Fellows!

back later>>>>


Deborah Wilson said...

Wow, that's an old cemetery, Pat, looks spooky!

It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything - don't know what to say first! My head has been turning in complete circles at everything that has been going on, not only in D.C., but all over - the EBT situation, demonstrations going on...I'll talk about all this in a few days - want to see what *the useless ones* in DC do this week.

Pat Houseworth said...

Real Old Deb...I remember back in the late 1960s me and a few other guys, including "Kim" Deeter, my brothers best friend borrowed a few grave stones for this Cemetery and used them for Halloween....yea, I know it was classless, but we returned them...besides, Kim was Killed in Action in Vietnam in April 1968, and the time has passed for anybody to charge us....we put flashlights in the rear window of my 1962 Ford Falcon and paraded them around Celina during Halloween of 1966....before taking them back to Long Cemetery