Thursday, October 31, 2013

Small Memories of the Past Life....

I decided to drive around a bit on this Halloween Morning....Trick or Treat was held Sunday Afternoon for the Kiddies, and this All Hallows' Eve is not going to be nice, weather wise, for those yet to observe/celebrate the occasion.

Blast From the Past.....

Most of us, when we reach a certain age, remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when famous or infamous events occur in our lives, or in the world in general.  For example, anybody my age and older certainly remembers where they were and probably what they were doing when JFK was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald, nearly 50 years ago...and yes he was murdered by Oswald, despite the bullshit conspiracy theorists telling you different at every turn.  Those events, same for 9/11/01, are easy to remember where and what.

But the mundane everyday lives we lead, it becomes harder to recall events from...especially difficult to remember everyday events that seem to have no real significant meaning....I have several of those, that spring into my memory banks on reminded me of one.

It was the late fall on 1966...I don't remember the exact date, probably late October or early November as I recall, much like today, a lite rain was falling, and leaves covered the streets and roadways....

I had not had my drivers license long, but I do recall it was a Saturday afternoon, late in the day, and I was driving my first vehicle(at least first I ever put on the streets} a 1960 Ford Falcon, the first of my two Falcons, another, a Red 1962, was a much nicer ride, and always been one of my favorite rides.  Anyway not sure why I remember this day, but I had driven from our place in Montezuma to Celina, and had crossed the railroad tracks on South Sugar Street...I stopped a a stop sign and Johnny Rivers was playing on the AM Station in the car..."Poor Side of Town" was the song...and I remember thinking to myself,  "I am putting this day and time down in my memory banks, I will remember this minute forever"  and I have.

I don't know why...there was nothing special about that day or time...I was 17, working enough hours at Marsh Supermarket in Celina, and had been driving maybe 4 or 5 months, the Falcon was a two door, dingy white 6 cylinder, but it got me to work and back, until I blew the engine up a few months later...I would get a rolling death trap Renault sports car, and quickly got rid of that thing before it killed me, and picked up the 62 "Coon" the next spring....but there was something about that day that caused me to remember it as clear as a bell, some 47 falls later.

Today reminded me of that fall day...this Halloween days is much like it weather wise...rain
falling on the streets and the leaves that have collected in them.

Sports...The Red Sox take the World Series...

I didn't watch much of the series, except to evaluate the umpires as I compared them to me and those I work High School Varsity with....It turns out the Boston Red Sox, after finishing below .500 and last in the AL East a season previous, wins the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals.   Being a Cincinnati Reds fan, and having no love for St. Louis or their fans, I didn't mind the Cards losing...albeit the Red Sox and their Obama Voting fan base, and no favorite of mine either.

So after nearly 90 years without a MLB Championship, Boston wins the crown for the 3rd time in the past decade....looks like that jinx is long doubt giving hope to the Cubs fans around the globe.  

The baseballs are put away until late next winter in Arizona and Florida for Spring first rules meeting is in February...meanwhile I finish off my Football schedule at Spencerville tomorrow night, with an important game for them and visiting Delphos Jefferson.  Last night I picked up my second local rules meeting in Basketball, and as quick as a bat of the eye, my first scrimmage, a Girls Varsity at Versailles comes along scheduled for next Thursday, November 5th....glutton for punishment I am.

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Photos:  Taken this morning, looking south towards Coldwater via the Celina/Coldwater Bike/Job Path...

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