Friday, October 25, 2013

Changing of the Seasons

Worked a Middle School Football Game last night at Paulding and the raw conditions with strong winds made me glad that the season is about end for me.  Although the playoffs from Varsity High School Football will last until early December, my final game will be a JV Contest here in Celina on Monday....tomorrow I have a JV game at Wayne Trace in the morning, and then tomorrow night Pastor Jim, Terry K and I will work the finals of the Cross County Youth League at St Marys...the JV game will begin at 6:30 and I am guessing the Varsity Championship will end by 10:30 or so....should be dry, cold, and crispy, weather.....

With Football ending....the down time before Basketball Scrimmages begin will be short, with my first games at Versailles on November 5th...a half dozen or so scrimmages will lead up to the opening night back at Paulding on November 30th, that will be a JV contest, but this season will see me working more Varsity games than I have done in the past...when I began working roundball 7 years ago, I did not plan on working Varsity, just lower levels, but as usual my ego and the area Athletic Directors have talked me into working some Varsity, even though I will be 65 by the time the State Tournament finishes up in late March....just in time for my sport, Baseball, which I have already a full Varsity Schedule and Tournament games picked up.

In addition to the sports season changing, the area weather made a quick turn-around...from dry and above normal temps, we are now about 15 degrees below normal, and have had plenty of rain mixed with sleet and a spitting of snow already.  While I enjoy fall, especially the early days of lower temps and humidity, I do not look forward to the coming Winter months...but come they will, Mother
Nature won't be fooled.

That's the short of it for this week....perhaps something important will happen, on the good side that I can write about come early next week....but for now things just seem to be dragging along...slowly.

Blast from the Past:

Here I am in the fall of 1950{?)  At least that is the date mom says is correct and she would know better than me...after all I don't recall it.  I thought it might be 1952..but she says I was only about 18 months old.  I will take her word on it....this photo was taken in a Orchard in my original hometown of Scott, Ohio....a little berg of 250 that straddles the Van Wert and Paulding County Line.

I do recall one incident from that time hard as that might be to believe...It was about this time that I stuck a "Bobbie Pin" in an electrical outlet at our house....once I did that, I do remember getting knocked back from under the Kitchen hand ended up being black and blue for quite that left quite an impression for a 18 month{or so} old, and that I do recall.

back later>>>>

Photos-Sleet Covered the Ground on Wednesday, but yesterday, at least early, the sun was shining aroud Grand Lake on my morning drive....and me from 1950 the Fall of that year, in Scott, Ohio.

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