Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Cincinnati Reds....1 and Done! Time for Dusty Baker to Go?

Barely got home from officiating JH game at Antwerp last night, grabbed a shower and a beer and the Reds were already behind the Pirates in the National League "Wild Card" was over before it got started.  Cincinnati loses 6-2 and are eliminated from playoffs again this season in short order.  Not as heartbreaking or dramatic as last seasons melt down against the Giants, and not as pitiful as the sweeping at the hands of the Phillies in 2010, but the season leaves you scratching your head.

How can a team with this much potential, and outstanding pitching, look the way the did the last week of the season?  It was as though they were sleep walking through the last days.  Not much to say, except, it is probably time for Dusty Baker to be shown the door as Reds manager....he might win during the regular season, but has proven multiple times over the past decade or so, when it comes to the playoffs, his teams, Giants, Cubs, and now the Reds, come up short.

Will he be fired?  Not likely...after all, once you hire a minority in a high place, it becomes that much more hard to fire them without the old Race Card being pulled out....IMO Black, White, Brown, or Green, Dusty, while player friendly, has not done much with the players and tools that ownership has handed him....

Time for him to go.....

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