Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Government Shut Down{Partial} Should I Give a Rat's Ass?

 So, my former Congressman, John "Leaky Cheeks" Boehner hasn't blinked....yet, and the government has shut down{well not really}....at least the "non-essential" parts.  My question is..."If they are non-essential, why the Hell do we have them"?

Glad to see the GOP standing up{so far, how long will it last} to our outlaw Kenyan President, and that hopeless Nevada moron, Hairy Weed, nice move Nevada, voting that sorry son of a bitch back in...nice freaking move, you assholes.

This is much ado about nothing....Obama trying to save his flawed "Obama Care", a disaster before it even begins....so they shut it down.  GOOD!  I for one don't give a rat's ass if they never open the stupid park system...really, Who Cares, except for the Euro Tourists, and people who never get off the Black Top...aren't those Gawd Damn parks on our, the American People's, land?

In short, BIG Deal....this will eventually be much ado about nothing, the GOP will cave, and our Government will continue to screw us over....until somebody steps up and says "Stop, Enough"
nothing will change...and by that time, it will be far too late for future generations.

Meanwhile in Important News...that would be Sports!

The Playoffs began last night...well at least the "Play-In Game" between Tampa Bay and Texas....The Rays went on the road to Dallas and knocked off the Rangers to move into tomorrow night's Wild Card game in Cleveland...both Ohio teams are in the WC Games, The Reds, after a disastrous home stand, take on Pittsburgh tonight on the road, and the Tribe will face Tampa Bay here in Ohio on Wednesday night...the winners will move on to the Division Series best of 5, in their respective leagues.

In other news in Sports...and related..

I survived my Varsity game at Ada last week, and saw a fireball come across the sky on our way home...pretty neat:


Worked a full schedule of fall baseball and JV football at Spencerville on Saturday, then watched the Buckeyes top Wisconsin 31-24 at Columbus on Saturday Night....game was not as close as the final score might indicate.

On a rainy Sunday I watched a pathetic Browns victory over Cincinnati...17-6 and as boring as they come...gland I am working youth football the next two Sundays, at least....I cannot stand watching the NFL...boring as Hell to me.

Tonight I head north to Antwerp, a long drive to work a Junior High game, but I do at least one football and basketball lower level game there each year, and then get a couple of varsity Baseball contests there in Spring...so scratch their backs, they scratch mine.

Doc visit tomorrow...now on the VA plan, but not yet ready for Medicare{next March} this will be my one and {hopefully} only visit that I actually have to pay full price for...I could opt out, but the heart doctor has been good to me, with the Carotid, etc, so will pay him this visit, then see what shakes out next spring.

Blast from the Past Photo:
Hard to believe it's been 40 years since the Classic "American Graffiti" was relesed in the fall of 1973....one of the great ones:

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