Friday, October 18, 2013

The Week that Was and Wasn't....

The weeks seem to fly by these years...everybody that has reached the age of 25 or so surely must realize this...the fact as you get older, life in general becomes less is just a fact, not something to be mad or sad about, it just is what it is, and times seems to zip by at an alarming rate.  The fact that if I survive another 5 months I will turn 65 as next Spring arrives, doesn't bother me, but it does astound me.  Hell, I was hopeful of making it to 50 with living until the turn of the new Century in 2000 as a's all on the Gravy Train from here on out.  So what is the problem?


My former Congressman John "Leaky Cheeks" Boehner and the central figures of the House GOP joined Juan McCain and the gutless Republican members of the Senate in caving to Obama and his illegal{despite what the gutless turncoat John Roberts and the US Supreme Court may say}Health Care as well as the Budget, the bastards put two bullets between the American Taxpayer and working/contributing citizens eyes with one shot...nice going boys, bend over kids/grandkids and future generations, no amount of KY Jelly is going to sooth this screwing by the left wing ghouls, led by the Kenyan Born Half Breed/Half Wit, in the White House.

I had lost most hope for the Republican Party anyway, this week has put the last finishing nail in it's Coffin.   I will renounce my party affiliation and not participate in the GOP Primaries any more....they are as dead as Hillary Clinton's Brain.


The MLB Playoffs move towards the World Series, it looks like Boston and St. Louis, both with 3-2 leads in their 7 game series, and both heading home for the final couple of shots, will meet in the World Series....I won't be watching, I despise the Cardinals{any good Reds fan does} and Boston?  Why would I root for a team from a town and state that supports idiots like John Kerry and Ted "I'll Have Another" Kennedy...I hear old Ted is Celebrating 50 months of Sobriety....hard to believe the bastard could lay off the bottle that long....

Locally I worked my first cold weather game of the football season last St. Henry, a Junior High double header, glad the season is coming to an end....although I am looking forward to working as Back Judge tonight at Leipsic as the host Vikings take on Liberty-Benton out of Findlay.  6-1 vs 6-0 with both teams highly ranked and headed for the playoffs.  Then an early rise tomorrow for a JV game at Convoy.  Next week marks my last full week of football, then time to clean off the basketball shoes and change the outfit for first scrimmage is at Versailles on November 5th and I will slowly work my way towards the Regular Season, which begins November 30th at Paulding.


After a nice dry and mostly warm spell through mid October, the weather is turning cooler, last nights rain, wind and temps in the upper 40s reminded me that Winter, the season I hate the most, is just around the corner...

A Blast from the Past:

<<< The Au Sable River Damn near Oscoda, old friend Nick and I Salmon Fished here for several years in late October, more beer and Drambuie was downed than fish caught, but it is a good get away, we won't be going this year, but perhaps in the future.

Out and about I go....Back Later>>>>

Photos-The Last of the Sunflowers have reached their  full  demise, now time to harvest the seeds for next season.  The Tanned and Fit John Boehner once again proves he was not up to the task of facing down a Kenyan Clown of a President....My Favorite Political Hack Ted Kennedy, now Celebrating 40 months of Sobriety....and Winter is on the way, hate snow and snow blowing, but I do enjoy a good Christmas Ale and Cigar during the Winter Months.....and the Au Sable River Damn in Northern Lower Michigan, near Oscoda.

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