Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One More Game!

As Monday arrived I assumed that I would finish off my personal Football Officiating schedule in the afternoon, with a Freshman game here in Celina, against Kenton....that all changed however, when I received a call from the head of a crew south of here, who were in need of an umpire{the guy that stands behind the defense line, lining up with the linebackers, about 8 yards off the line of scrimmage} for their crew this coming Friday night.  Since the game was an important one, as far as league championship and playoffs, were concerned, I accepted the gig....and will work one more Friday Night.  Funny as it seems, I left the crew from last year, and was planning on having more Friday nights to relax...so much for that.  With this game, it will mark the 8th time in 11 weeks{counting the final scrimmage before the season begins} that I have filled in...which means I will have worked as many Varsity games as I did on a regular crew last season...so much for grand plans.

Yesterday I actually wore shorts while officiating the Freshman game...today looks to be pretty nice as well, after a bit of morning fog, it will reach into the 60 range, with plenty of sunshine....for the last days of October, I can handle that. 

Messin' Around with Photos.

Having several blogs, I started yesterday to clean some things out....beginning with my "Health Blog"....since my back problems have left, at least for now, and my Diabetes2, if I really had it, is under control via diet, exercise, and meds...I figured, why clutter up Cyber Space anymore than I have to....so I have began to turn that blog from my former health issues, to my attempts and posting my current photos and some of the blast from the past that I work on with the systems...trying to clean up some old images from the family and past years of my life....Stay tuned, I will link that out in due time....once I get the feel and set up the blog to showcase the photos.

Still thinking about Motorcycles....

I have been considering purchasing a motorcycle for some time now....and have pretty much picked out what kind of bike I want....now to the wheeling and dealing, and figuring out whether I want to purchase it soon, and stick it in the garage for the winter, or wait until Spring.   I have a couple of calls in, and in fact the phone just rang, with a guy calling himself "Super Dave" trying to sell me a bike that I have shown interest in.

Now we are not talking cruising bikes....I long ago lost interest in speed, and comfort, on two wheels...neither one gets my blood a pumping....as I have said before, I am mainly interested in a "Dual Sport" bike in the 250cc range.  And those have come down to two bikes....A Yamaha wr250 and a Kawasaki klx250S.

After studying both bikes{and having owned both brands in the past} there is little doubt that the Yamaha is a superior bike for off road duty...at least heavy terrain off road duty.  The Kawasaki however has several advantages of it's own. 

First off the Kaw is  $1500 less in price...about $5000 compared to $6500 for the Yamaha.  Other factors include the Kaw is a shorter in seat height bike....meaning for someone like me, with a long body but short, very short inseam, it will be easier to handle.  At 5' 10 1/2" or so, I have a upper body like someone in the 6 foot to 6 foo 2 inch range...however, my short legs
barly have a 29 inch inseam....being the freak I am, the Kawasaki, when you toss in the price, is a better ride for me, at least on paper.

Other factors in favor of the Kaw, include that I have found several 2012 models in Ohio, and have managed to talk, or have they talked me? into the $3900 price range...these 2012s are brand new, and with the 2014s coming out, and lots of 2013s in the windows, I can pick one up for a bargin....decisions, decisions....I'm still thinking!  And that is why I'm waiting to call "Super Dave" back. 

Time to head out and enjoy the nicer weather this end of October is providing....

back later>>>>

Photos-Me, this morning....wearing shorts for another day....hate the thought of long pants and long sleeve t-shirts, but that time is here....my first motorcycle was the 1974 Kawasaki On/Off Road Bike...they didn't call them "Dual Sports" back then.  and the 2012 California Red Kawasaki 250s...Red is available, so they say, in California only....but it appears that Mexifornians aren't buy bikes these days...poor bastard are taxed to death out that way, so they are shipping the left overs this way....so green or red?  If the price is right, and it appears to be, I don't give a damn what color it is...as long as it's not pink or yellow!

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