Monday, October 7, 2013

Wet Weekend....

Starting out Friday Night...

Homecoming Night at Lima Perry the site of our game on Friday...with the Corvette Convertibles out in force, the rain, for the most part stayed north of Lima, and we got the game in with just a few sprinkles and a minimum of muddy field conditions.  The same cannot be said for the rest of the weekend.

On to Convoy for a JV game Saturday, it poured for the 30 mile trip, then rain, steady for the first half of the game...although most of the afternoon was dry, the rains returned for Sunday and it rained on and off for the first weekend of the Youth Football Double Header...winds, along with the rains make for less than an enjoyable 3 1/2 hours on the muddy track football field at the High much that tonight's Freshman game between Celina and St. Marys, which I was scheduled for, had been cancelled, with not want to tear up the main field at the Stadium, and the track field, already a mess of I get a rare Monday off, although I do have a Dart Ball organization meeting tonight at Mt Carmel...a sure sign of fall and winter approaching...Dart Ball begins in less than a month.

In Other Sports....

Celina Defeated St. Marys 49-23 on Friday, the second straight Bulldog win in that series, and the second year in a row that the Bulldogs have bested their all time high score in the series.  The win at home was the first in Celina for the Bulldogs against their cross Grand Lake rivals since 1997...a sign of how lopsided the series has been in recent years.  Celina moves to 5-1

while the Roughriders have now ran a losing string back to 2011, changes are coming in that once proud program.

Ohio State had to come from behind to defeat Northwestern 40-30 in Illinois....they are now 2-0 in the Big Ten and 6-0 overall....the next 5 games look pretty easy,  and it's likely, unless they stumble to Indiana, that they will be undefeated heading to Ann Arbor for the Michigan Game in late  November.

The Bengals pulled off a shocker, knocking off Little Tommy Brady and New England in Cincy by a low score of 13-6....Cincinnati is now 3-2 tied for first with Baltimore and Cleveland in the AFC North, while the Pats fall to 5-1 with their first loss.

The MLB Playoffs move on......and frankly I don't have much interest.  Was rooting for Tampa Bay once the Reds and Tribe were knocked out....but they trail Boston's Red Sox 2 games to zilch in the best of five and won't likely be around long.


Our half wit, half breed, racist Prez, Barry Soetoro continues to play games{mostly golf} and keeps the Government "shut down" really, except for a few parks being closed, nothing has changed....time to move on.  Hopefully John "I'll have a double" Boehner and the GOP will stand fast and let the stinking Government fail....who really gives a shit, except the freeloaders and fools who can't imagine living without the Nanny State and the goodies Barack and
Company hand out to the modern day slaves?

Who knows what the week ahead promises....time will tell.  I'm down 8 pounds since Kokomo and my goal to get back down to 180, as well as lowering my Sugar levels is well insight....sometimes it is much easier than you think....I would make it quicker, if not for my love of good tasting craft beers, but giving that up is not likely to happen, so the November 15th goal date is good enough for now.

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