Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Weather=Breath of Fresh Air/Bachelorhood for 5 days!

Patricia and Anissa flew out of Dayton for Wisconsin this morning, they will be gone until Sunday night....so it's me and the 2 "boys"(26 and 24) hanging around the house for the next 5 days.....Hal will be gone much of the time working his summer job before Grad school starts...Sam and I hopefully will get our share of Summer Baseball in, before the season winds down, and I get ready for football to begin in August.

Anissa, as I have written in past posts, is our 29 year old special needs daughter....despite her needs and handicaps, Anissa is always aware of what is going on, and not afraid to tell you what she thinks.....not sure she was "thrilled" flying out this morning, but unlike her trip last year...this Midwest Airline flight is non-stop, both coming and going.....the girls completed round one about 90 minutes ago and are making the drive to see "Granddad and Grandma" in Oconomowoc.

Yesterday through the next few days will also bring cooler and maybe drier weather...although some showers may pop up(what else is new?) for tomorrow and beyond....should have walked today, but I haven't, should have taken Reagan the Airedale outside and given her a bath, because she stinks like a dog, but I haven't.....should have vaccumed the porch and indoor rugs, and swifted the hardwood floors, but I haven't.....maybe tomorrow! Today I will enjoy the cool temperatures, and head to Lima Bath for a game at 6PM.....that's about it.

back later>>>>>>>>>>>

Photos-Patricia and daughter Anissa at the Dayton Airport in Vandalia....and some new blue flowers in the back yard.


Old Soldier said...

Bachlorhood for a week.. My better half is gone for three months, leaving me with my 16 year old daughter and my 23 year old son. Took us a week to get the house put back in proper military order. clean and organized. My kids hate it when their mom goes away because things must run my way. But after everyting is as it should be they are happy. Hope your have a good vacation.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Enjoy the time dude.