Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Morning Walk

Still more than a week before the official start date of Summer...but the weather the past couple of weeks screams "Summer"!.

I crawled out of the sack at 6 this morning, since Patricia had to go to her school for an "in service"...teacher's 3 month vacation is more like 2, but who's counting the days....anyway, I got up with her, ate a carb and cholesterol filled breakfast=Bad?, Drank a couple cups of "Joe" and jumped into the jeep, parked at Lake Shore Drive and made the 1.5 mile walk and back(3 total) in about an hour 15 minutes....starting at Lake Shore Drive, I take the West Bank Road along the lake to the south end park and back....yesterday it was hot when I got started at 10:30...this morning at 7:30 it was breezy as the winds were coming across Grand Lake from the south and east. It will heat up though, another 90 degree day, with more strong storms coming in from Iowa and Wisconsin tomorrow appears after that, we will cool down to more normal mid June weather next week....highs in the 70s and 80s and drying out....we need both.

As miserable as the heat and humidity has been(and it will get worse next month), nothing like the folks in Iowa, Wisconsin, and elsewhere have had....rain measured in feet, and tornadoes of the killer variety....we've had both storms and tornado outbreaks, but nothing like those folks, who for sure need a break.

So far this summer, the ACME Baseball schedule has been a minor disaster. I've managed to get 3 games of 10 in...delays due to lack of players on some teams, rain/storm outs, etc...etc. I will probably get tonight's game in a Minster, but tomorrow at Celina looks like another lightning, tornado, crap weather filled game.....rain Saturday morning as we head to Dayton and Wright State for Hal's Graduation Ceremony....he was done in March, but they do the walk only twice a year.....he is working around the country this summer at Celina Moving(Atlas Van Lines), and will head back to WSU for his Masters come late August....this program only takes 9 months...and he should be done for good...will end up with a double major in High School Education for History/Social Science and a secondary in History.....Thank God he has gotten through a left wing state institution still with a Conservative political view....we must have done something right. Any kid that can see through the left wing bullshit in college and univesity settings these days is lucky, mature, and smart....don't get me wrong, Hal is a party guy, not a nerd, and at 6'4" 250 lbs, who's gonna challenge him on his politics?

Next week will see Patricia and Anissa fly from Dayton to Milwaukee to spend about a week at her Dad and Bev's....they have been hit hard with rain and flooding, in Oconomowoc, but sitting near the lake area in their 2nd flood Condo, they have remained high and dry. That will leave me, the dog, cat, and the boys to our own devices....I suspect Hal will be working out of state, and Sam and I, hopefully, will have enough games to keep busy. Best part of it, both here and in Wisconsin, they are calling for dry and cooler weather...let's hope for once, they are right.

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photos--windy this morning as I walked the west lake some shots were a little shaky.
Light House, Geese with their youngins', and the choppy lake.


Buck said...

I hope your FIL stays dry...

~Fathairybastard~ said...

purdyy shoys. Sure is nice to have the summer off from the rug rats. I get to sleep in a bit for a few months when the dual credit stuff ends at the highschool.