Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot Times!

The weekend was a quick one and the heat stayed on....however, the storms stayed away from Mercer County, and actually Saturday for the wedding, it was cloudy and rather pleasant, albeit somewhat humid.

The Coldwater baseball team lost in the Semi-Finals at State, while the Celina girls softball team made it to the finals before losing to a pitcher that was one step faster than the Celina 6-0 Canfield...Celina finishes up at 24 wins 4 loses and the Division 2 state we concentrate on Summer ball in the form of American Legion and ACME(summer High School) ball.

The Wedding got underway at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church at 3PM Saturday....the reception followed at the American Legion post in guess is around 300 showed for the reception...and it was a full+ house....If you've never been to a good old German Catholic wedding and reception, you are missing out on a pretty good time. Plenty of photos, beer, good food, and we partied into the evening....and next morning. Everything went off without a hitch....but this old geezer felt the aftermath most of the day yesterday, a good night's sleep last night, put me back in the right lane.

95 windy, humid, today, with a chance of more storms late this afternoon...if I get my game in at Delphos, it will be a HOT one.....

Hal's Wright State Graduation ceremony is this coming Saturday, then next Tuesday Patricia and Anissa fly to Milwaukee for the week....this will continue to stay busy, and a drop of 10 or 15 degrees, with less rain would be nice.
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photos from the wedding.....The father of the Bride PH with my mom and his mother-in-law/2 of the biggest guys at the wedding...our Hal on left with Aaron the Groom...6'4" and 6'5" ....given the fact most of the groomsman and best man(Aaron's brother) are mostly former college football players and current coaches, there was some size on these guys. Sam/Hal and others out on the dance floor, which remained packed all night/even Patricia and I got out once....nice shot of her back and my gray hair/the sisters...Kelly up from Naples, Florida, and Marty the mother of the bride/Aaron and Molly with the first dance/ and finally my Uncle Jack still likes the women at 79, this time with his grand nieces, Megan, Molly, and Miki.


Buck said...

Sure looks like a great time!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

yea, looks like a wonderful time. Nice gene pool there Woof!