Friday, June 13, 2008

Waiting on the Rain

The storms appear to have moved out of rain soaked Iowa and Wisconsin, and we got some unwelcome rain this morning....but not as much as we are probably going to get. Walked out back and noticed a cash crop of mosquitoes...afraid we are going to be in for a 'buggy' summer.

The various family members here for the niece's wedding have returned home for Florida, California, and other nearer locations.....after we head to Dayton tomorrow for Hal's Wright State Graducation ceremony....Patricia and Anissa will prepare for their flight next Tuesday to Wisconsin....hopefully with dry weather in the forecast for that area....

Game a Minster last night, did the plate, hot and humid...dropped a few pounds no doubt, but no doubt I put it back on with a few Miller Lites after the game, as I sad on the front porch and listed to the Reds defeat St Louis 6-2.

As you can see, life is pretty hum-drum these days....that's what summer is for, next week's cooler weather should bring more outdoor activity...although I really won't believe the forecast, until it happens.

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photos-more back yard flowers blooming-shows you just how exciting things are around here.


Mushy said...


Shrinky said...

These are beautiful shots, Pat. Sorry summer is looking a bit of a wash out so far, lets hope things pick up. Still, you look to have a couple of upcoming celebrations to look forward to.

Lin said...

Hope you don't get as much rain as they did to the NW. Can't imagine what the skeeters are going to be like out your way this summer. I keep saying "Move to the desert" for a reason, you know. grin

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Nice shots. We need rain like crazy. It's hot and dry here.