Monday, June 16, 2008

Wright State Graduation and the Weekend

Busy weekend around the PRH household....Friday night was a washout of games and the storms of 2008 continue to dump way to much rain on the mid west...west Ohio has gotten it's share, but no way as much as Iowa, west Illinois, and Wisconsin. SE Wisconsin where Patricia's parents live has more than it needs, Anissa and her fly out of Dayton tomorrow, landing in flooded Milwaukee, eventually making their way to Oconomowoc.....although the high water is still there, it appears dry for the next few days.
We got up at 5 am Saturday....after getting ready, the 4 of us(Me, Patricia, Sam, and Anissa) stopped at one of the Bob Evans Restaurants on I-75 at Sidney, Ohio....then we headed for Fairborn and the Wright State Campus. The skies had cleared and the day ended up being sunny but not overly hot.....the Graduation went without a hitch, the usual array of boring speakers, but at 2 1/2 hours the presenting of diplomas went well. 2300 Grads from March and June(1500 or so marched), and a full SRO house of about 15,000 in attendance.

We got the usual family photos after(pissed that I didn't bring one of the digitals), the Kodak disposal did OK, but not the quality or close-ups I would have liked. We headed back north to Celina, where we hooked up with mom and brother Mike for the 25 mile trip across the state line to Decatur, Indiana, and the Graduation Dinner at the famous Back 40 Restaurant. The Buffet as usual was outstanding, although, like everything else, it has gotten pricey over the past few years....hasn't everything? Hal has Grandma to thank for "springing" for the Grad Dinner, he also collected the usual array of money, checks, and what he wanted most the Ipod his mother got for him.

Sunday.............Headed up to Columbus Grove yesterday morning. Umpired at the Tawa Run American Legion Baseball Tournament. This well run get together is HQed in Ottawa, Ohio, and takes place every June.....I've been helping out for the past 7 seasons....but with the Graduation I was limited to 1 day this year.

I got home around 4PM....pounded a couple of beers, a cigar, and relaxed until the next storm blasted through the area...that occurred around 8PM, coming through the area with a vengeance. The rest of the week should be dry, less humid, and cooler...a welcome change!

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Photos from the Graduation and the Dinner--------Hal "The Graduate"...(damn tassel), Anissa, Hal, Patricia, and me after the ceremony, Hal and Sam, The Back 40 in Decatur, Indiana, the rustic entrance, Hal and Grandma, and Hal with his IPod.....


Buck said...

Quite the weekend! Congrats to Hal on his graduation. He's a good-looking young man, Pat.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Congratulations! Those are great shots. Reminds me of my own graduation. You've done a wonderful job as a parent. You need to give yourself a big pat on the back. Y'all are a hell of a family.