Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Politics or Post Cards?

With storms brewing in the west Ohio flatlands, my game in Lima, and Sam's at Delphos were both cancelled early today...probably a good thing. We got our respective games in at Convoy last night(Sam a Junior ACME game, me the varsity) in which the host teams from Crestview were both easy winners....with a full schedule and a family wedding on Saturday, it's not important that we get a game in every night this week....but the beer and cigar money they provide is appreciated.

Usually the first of June I take the rag top off the Jeep Wrangler...a sure sign that it is summer...rather than fold it back, which causes wear and tear on those expensive pieces of material, I just take it off completly. I put it away until October 1st, when the winter/cold season begins....I usually cover it(the Jeep) with a tarp at night, especially if rain is in the forecast....well, last night I covered it, but didn't use enough bungy cords....we get a whopper of a storm, and the Jeep was full of about 2 inches of water on the floor area....now, that's gonna take awhile to dry....went out and purchased a few new cords, and hopefully with the rain in the forecast for the next week(off and on), it will stay dry, and any sun we receive can get the water out of the outdoor floor carpet.

On to today's topic....I originally had thought of naming this one..."It's down to this...."Half Breed Harry Hussain vs Juan McCain"....pretty crude and pretty damn political, such is my disgust with the current crop of folks running for President....It appears Hillzilla the Wonder Beast is about to deep six her campaign and let Barack Hussian Wright, er Obama, take on the GOP guy McCain....For me I hate it coming down to the lesser of 2 evils....Obama may not be the Anti Christ, but he, along with his marxist wife and half assed racist pastor, comes pretty damn close to filling the bill. As for McCain, I salute him for his service and sacrifice, but I despise his stand on the Border, No Torture for terrorists(even to save American lives), and his belief in the phoney science, "Global Warming".

So, what's a hard core Christian Right Winger like me to do? Not sure, but suffice to say, I won't be voting for the DNC standard bearer Obama....and I won't be out shouting my joy for the campaign of John McCain...he, after all, was at best my 5th choice.....I guess it comes down to who will destroy the economy and spirit of the USA first, and how fast can we rebuilt after 1929 comes a calling like a freight train down 8 mile hill?

Frankly, I see no bright light from the likes of Ronald Reagan in our future, only the dull ache of Political Correctness gone amuck, and an economic depression like we have not seen in 75 years....American politics, especially the left wing type, makes me not afraid, at least not for myself, I say "Bring it on A-Holes"....Having said that, I feel regret that the younger folks can't see the forest for the trees, aka: The world of "American Idol", I-Pods, MTV, and the other garbage being flushed out from that cesspool known as Hollywood.

The outcome I feel, is not going to be good....maybe the Messiah of the Main Stream Press, Barack Hussian Obama, can convince a blind nation otherwise, but if elected, he will be a disaster for this country and the world.

So, if you think I'm pissed off at the state of the 2 party system and the direction of this country, you are awarded the gold star for being so observant.

Damn, never did get to the postcards....will give that a shot tomorrow.

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Americaneocon said...

I love the Jeep, but this is cracking me up:

"...Half Breed Harry Hussain vs Juan McCain"..."

Have a good one, Pat!!

pat houseworth said...

Donald...I thought it had "that touch of class"...not the Jeep, the quote. lol!

The next 5 months are going to be ugly, and now that Obama is the presumtive Democrat standard bearer, I'm wondering what is up the Clinton's sleeves....stay tuned!