Monday, June 30, 2008

39 Years ago today.........Vietnam Arrival!

Keeping in the same theme as my previous post on Friday, 40 years ago today, 39 years ago today I arrived at Tan Son Nhut, AB, would be an overnight stop, and I would be on my way to Nha Trang Air Base, north of Saigon, on the South China Sea. 6 months there, then back to Saigon and Tan Son Nhut, for another 6 months.....I arrived in Vietnam on June 30, 1969, and returned via Braniff International Airline, on June 29, 1970.

I have chronicled my Vietnam experiences elsewhere on this blog, although I will write more, especially about my time in Saigon(which I haven't written much about) in forthcoming posts....all-in-all, my time in South Vietnam, was my favorite time in the military....sounds strange, but compared to the chicken shit duty I had elsewhere, Dover and Griffiss, the freedom from stupid over regulations, was a pleasure, despite the dangers....Hell it's dangerous driving on the interstate, so why would I worry about a small thing like war? Especially since I was usually on an enclosed base, which I was assigned, as a member of the Security Police, to protect....yes the year was surreal, but I never remember being overly nervous about my time there.

That's enough of my "war story" for today.

The weekend we dodged rain showers and did baseball tournament games...that will continue for the next week or so(baseball and rain) I type, the weather is cloudy and cool, especially for the last day of June....won't get past low 70s today. Sam is at Crestview for a Jr ACME(akin to Junior Varsity high school) tournament, while I'm at Rockford Parkway for the same type tournament....more of the same, Jr ACME, ACME, and American Legion for the rest of the month....some time off, then football begins middle of August. So far the back is holding far.

That's it for today...........back later!
photos- At Nha Trang summer of 69, me(left) and my buddy Harry Bevens from Philadelphia...Harry returned to his home town as was a Philly Cop for many years....have contact with Harry these days after not seeing or hearing from him in 30 years...thanks to the VSPA and the Internet. The other shot is from my days working Charlie Flight(March 1970) Night Perimeter Security....right after I sewed on my Sargent Stripes....always thought it was a goofy ass photo.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos, Pat. It's always good to sit down in a comfortable chair and remember when you were younger. Makes you appreciate being older.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Branniff? Damn, I haven't thought of them in AGES. Hilarious. Again, thanks for the memories.

Still waitin' on the mammories.

Mushy said...

I can see it.
I can smell it.
I can feel it.
I can hate it.

I arrived in class...Pan Am Champagne Flight bound for Bangkok that stopped long enough to shove 4 or 5 scared APs off!

Cookie..... said...

Gotta tell ya Pat, on first glance ya looked just like Mark Twain in that new photygraff....

Talk about lookin like the wise old sage....

Sarge Charlie said...

39 years ago I was somewhere in Vietnam, I traveled a lot.

Harry J said...

Pat sorry for the late response to 39 yrs. but I have been busy trying to figure my own blog out. My comment to your blog Pat is I guess we can be thankful that we are able to sit back with that drink and cigar and remember those good ole days. How many of our kids won't be able to do that.

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