Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Great Stimulus Check

Like many others I think the "Stimulus Check" fiasco that GW and Congress dreamed up is a joke.....a few hundred dollars thrown at Americans to make the economy grow. A short term "bump"? Probably, any long lasting good effects? I doubt it. None-the-less we received a notice in the mail yesterday that our check would be here soon. Now my SS# is in the high end, that being it ends in the 80-99 range, so we will be among the last to get ours....but it appears we will receive our $1200 sometime this week or next at the latest(due to the Holiday mail schedule). $1200 bucks, what to do with this windfall?

Since I'm basically retired and Patricia is now the main bread winner in the family, I let, or she decides to choose what to "stimulate" in our household....with her $600 she choose to buy a new glass top range, no more pulling the wire burners to clean, no more spilling of liquids down the chute....that arrived last week, well before the check arrives. OK, that leaves about $600 more to do some more stimulating....or not! It seems our second half property taxes are due July 20th.....the $600 left over will do a pretty good sized dent in that bill....so there you have it, we have done our part, America is out of the coming depression....the Houseworth's have donated $600 to the local economy via buying a new range from a local dealer, and did our share by having enough left over to pay much of the coming tax due.

Thank You GW, Thank you left wing idiots in Congress....We, the nation, are saved!

Last night I traveled to Rockford to do a double header in the Jr ACME Sectional tournament at Parkway High School. Did the first game behind the plate, a 10 inning marathon in the winner's bracket final. Coldwater scores in the bottom of the 7th to tie Celina, then scores the winner on a 2 out single in the 10th..final 2-1, game lasting about 2 1/2 hours...I was whipped, but hung in there and did the bases for the nightcap, where St. Henry defeated rival Marion Local 8-3. This set-ups Celina vs St Henry tonight, with the winner playing Coldwater for the title, the loser goes home, the winner, regardless of the finals will move on to the district also to be played at Parkway.

Sam will be there for the Celina-St. Henry game tonight....I go north to Convoy Crestview to continue umpiring that rain delayed Sectional...game time 6PM.

PHOTOS-The New Range and some Buzz Bomb flowers popping up in the back yard.


Anonymous said...

My $1200 goes to keep my kids alive up in Canada. If they don't finish school soon and get jobs, I will be standing by the road with a sign that reads "will work for tuition."

Buck said...

I have BIG philosophical problems with the whole "money for nuthin'" thing, smacking as it does of "bread and circuses." But I spent what was left of mine anyway. Those lil Nipponese camera manufacturers were pleased to get mine, I'm sure.

So much for the American economy, eh?

Larry said...

Your umpiring remarks reminded me of something that happened a few evenings ago at one of my Godson's ball games, Pat [Bronco League -- he's 14]. One of the fans of "The Good Guys" took exception with a call at first base by the field ump and mentioned aloud to the official that he disagreed with the call... then 5 seconds later suggested to The Blue One that "you should get better shades". 2.4 seconds later [yes, I was counting] the man in the shades replied, "That's it -- you're outta here!" as he pointed toward the parking lot. The fan must not have moved fast enough, so the ump repeated himself -- after having walked 15 ft closer. With that, the OLD GUY WITH THE CANE finally got up and walked-off. Moral: You guys are brutal!

Americaneocon said...

A little extra cash never hurts, but the stimulus checks aren't going to boost the economy much.

Keep it up, Pat!!