Friday, July 18, 2008

Robustos, Torpedoes, and B-29s

Yesterday I talked about the new supply of Cigars I received from Cigar International. I had ordered a box(25) of my favorites, the torpedo Limited Reserve by Indian Tabac. With that box they offered a free roll of ten robusto style box pressed Super Fuerte by I.T. So last night I chilled a couple of long necks, and sat outside on the back stoop listening to my Cincinnati Reds take on the NY Mets....long story short, I tried the new Super Fuerte, it was great, the Reds? usual they choke...blowing 2 leads, and the closer Coco Cordero, blows the 9th inning, giving up 4 runs and Cincy loses 10-8, the Mets 10th straight win.

Anyway, depending on how the next couple of times I smoke this new long lasting robusto(2 full hour smoke) goes, I may have a new co-favorite. If interested, click on the smiley face on the left border for all the CI specials.

Yesterday, my Kentucky and Vietnam buddy Rich, sent me a collection of old WW2 photos of old aircraft and their crews in action. Some great stuff...I sent it out to my usual readers and contacts, If you didn't get it, or have not seen them, drop me a e-mail @

and I'll pass them along.....anyway it got me to thinking(dangerous in itself) about my dad's service in the war. Dad joined the Army Air Corps and was lucky enough to be slotted in as a mechanic working on B-29s and other aircraft....he spent the war states side, at various locations, including Lowery(Denver) Field, New Castle, Delaware(where he met mom), and finally at his favorite base, Mather Field, California. The old man worked on B-29s and when his squadron photo was taken, Stan Houseworth was the one chosen to sit in the cockpit and look is a great old photo.....but so large I couldn't scan it all on my home scanner....but you get the idea....the cropped photo shows several hundred men from the 1505 and dad in the Cat Bird Seat.

The weekend is spoken for....double header at Minster tonight, Sam and I doing our annual helping out at their Pony League/Little League tournament....hopefully the weather will hold off through the weekend, but they are calling for rain on Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday, I move onto the American Legion District Tournament at Van Wert....with the winner between Van Wert, St. Marys, Sidney, and Lima, moving on to the State Legion the following week. I have double headers both days(temps expected in the 90s), while Sam will travel back and forth between the Legion games and might not hear much from me the rest of the weekend.

Baseball, with the Legion and ACME tournaments going full gun, will wind up for me the middle of next week.....except for the Legion All-Star Game on July 30th. 2 weeks off, and then time to get the mindset ready for football.

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The Super Fuerte band....and dad sitting in the cockpit at Mather Field, California, 1945


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Great old pics. My Daddy was also in WWII and my Mama still has some old photos of the old planes he worked around. I'll try and talk her out of them an post them. Wish Daddy was still with us to fill me in on the pics.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Got their catalog in the mail yesterday with that special on the cover. Love those. Have some in the can. And those are great pictures. Your dad sounds cooler and cooler all the time.

Jerry said...

My Dad has one of those long WWII photos in his office. I never noticed before if there was a guy in the cockpit. Dad flew B-24s and trained on B-17s.

Buck said...

Once again: excellent photo! I SO wish my father's memorabilia had survived over time, but it didn't. More's the pity.

Ron Simpson said...

if you can send me the complete scans of the whole picture in segments, I can lace it together. It would be easier to have the original, but I know that is something you will never part with.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

My stepdad was a mechanic on B-29s as well, but I don't know when or where he was. I'm gonna have to try to ask him....