Friday, July 11, 2008

Sidetracked in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The weekend is upon us....6 baseball games slated for the weekend, depending of course on weather and my legs. I start out tonight with a "wood bat" double header tonight at Van Wert, as the VW Legion takes on Geneva, Indiana. The legion usually use the standard aluminium bats, but on occasion they have wood bat only exhibitions, and tonight is one of the those. Tomorrow afternoon I move to the "turf" field here in Celina, and do games 3 and 4 of the District ACME tournament....rain in the forecast, but that artificial turf just gets hotter and more humid when rain affects the games are scheduled at 4 and 6:30PM....Surviving those, I move on to the State Jr ACME tournament at Lima Shawnee for 2 games starting at Noon on Sunday. That should pretty much put me in "I need beer and leg braces" mode. Will let you know on Monday how the weekend goes, and if I survive.

Meanwhile oldest son Sam was moving towards Alberta in a take my time fashion, when the Diesel Engine(International) on the Delivery RV decided it wanted to stay in western Wisconsin.
Overheating and scorching the engine.....Sam spent the night in stormy Eau Claire....this morning he got the news...repairs, major, needed, and it will be a week or so. Sam hops on a bus this afternoon, and heads back to Elkhart, Indiana, and taxi cabs to Nappanee. Will now try to figure out how to get Continental Air to switch ticket to a later date without too much of a price hit.

Hal, the youngest, is in Texarkana and heading to Shreveport...he and his Celina Moving partner will drop off a load, and head back this way for the weekend.

That's about it for the near future....except the small Pigeon, continues to survive in the back yard...the Hawk and neighborhood cats still have not discovered him...but it will need to grow those feathers fast and fly out of here, if it's to survive. That's still a long shot.....but it does partake in the water and wild bird seed I've put our by his hiding place....I noticed last night he moves to a rolled garden hose and one of my "coolie" cups to sleep....strange bird.

Have a great weekend.

photos-A Baseball Weekend is in the cards....and the half feathered Pigeon continues to survive outback.


Anonymous said...

I always thought that delivering those RV's would be great, sort of a leisurely trip across country and getting paid for it. But it sounds like it is a lot more demanding than I had originally thought.

pat houseworth said...

At times it can be a pain...but usually, usually, it's a good fun time and way to see the country...especially if you're retired or semi-retired. You take the bad runs in stride.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

It does sound like a cool job, so long as someone else is paying for the gas.

Hope the bird makes it.