Thursday, July 31, 2008

81 and Done!/The New Freezer

The storms stayed west and south of Van Wert and Garry and I got the last of the baseball in for our season. The Lima Legion defeated the "All-Stars" 15-8....we collected our pay and celebrated with a 6 pack of Sam Adams.

81 games since late March, and as much as I enjoy the work, exercise and getting outdoors, I'm glad it's body took a beating from foul tips(got a nice shot off the face mask last night, and still had a headache when the game ended), and I was feeling the lack of concentration set's time to shut baseball down for a few months, until next spring.

Up next...........Football, some 40+ games at various levels until late October....first scrimmage for me is set for August 14th.


I've talked this before. With the upcoming recession/depression(take your pick, if Obama gets elected we are all going to be taxed to death anyway), on it's way, we decided to "stock up" on food and everyday supplies. We set aside the shelves in the basement for can goods, non-fat dry milk, and everyday bath needs. These won't last forever, but we rotate the 3 month supply of stuff as needed, and hope we never will need it. Patricia and our friend's have also planted a pretty decent garden out west of town and it has been producing the past few weeks.

Patricia also decided that freezing meats, veggies, etc, was better than the time and money consumed on canning fresh garden last week we trekked on down to Bob's and she picked out a new chest type freezer. The guys delivered it today, and we have set up shop in our already crowded basement(happens when 2 adult sons still live here part or full time, and all their stuff remains as well). The unit is not overly large(13.5 x 15.4 cubic feet), but we can get enough meat and frozen veggies in it, along with our upstairs refrig/freezer, to get by for quite a long haul. Long haul it may be as well...with the increased fuel prices(don't count on this slight drop hanging around), the food prices and winter heating costs will soon be out of reach for most folks. If Barack Hussain(Insane?) Obama gets in with a super majority of far left libs in control of Congress, God help us all.....the revolution probably will be at hand.

In the meantime, my advice, for what's it's worth, stock up on food and may need both. Myself, I would like to make one more large purchase...a hard working generator, just in case the grids all go down.

Nuff Doom N' Gloom for one post...........

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photos--a partial look at our basement supplies, and 2 views, open and closed of the new freezer, ready for stocking.


Mushy said...

If bad shit happens, I guess I'd just as soon be among the first to die and get out of the misery.

Tell'em I wanted to be cremated.

pat houseworth said...

Hell Mushy, we're all going to die...why rush it? I want to be around to get my licks in.....'Heaven(or Hell) Can Wait'.


Buck said...

Nuff Doom N' Gloom for one post

Wow, I'll say! I don't think it's gonna be quite as bad as you think, Pat. Not nearly as bad as you think. Hell, we're not even in a recession yet... given as how we experienced continued growth in the second quarter of this year. Which isn't to say one (recession) won't come... it will. No one's repealed the business cycle yet. That I'm aware of, anyway.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Hey Pat, got room for a couple more? Hell I'll move, it's to hot in Texas anyhow. Only good thing is beer is cheap here.

Larry said...

I had a 12kw air-cooled standby gen [Generac - Nat Gas] installed under the deck 3-1/2 years ago. All automatic, Baby. Covers 10 circuits, incl ejector pump, sump, fridge, K lights, blah, blah. Self-exercises 12 minutes each week. WHAT power outage?