Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow

Sorry to say former Fox News anchor and all around good guy, Tony Snow, has passed away at 53 from Colon Cancer. Snow served with both Presidents Bush, and was the mainstay, along with Britt Hume, in the early days of top rated Fox....Snow preceded Chris Wallace as host of 'Fox News Sunday'. Like they say, "only the good die young", meaning the likes of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton will live long and continued useless lives.

American Legion double header, with the second game going extra innings and 3 hours finished up close to midnight at Van Wert....rain this morning looked like it would delay things at the District ACME Tournament here in Celina, but with the "turf" being artificial and quick drying, the sun has popped out, and my guess is, this are not that far off schedule. My double header is scheduled to start at depends on the length of the first 2 games and the weather delays. More rain is forecast for later tonight and again tomorrow.

Sam, with his RV broken down in Eau Claire, made his way home at 6:30 this morning...He took a Greyhound from Wisconsin to Elkhart, then a 4AM cab ride to Nappanee....driving the last 120 miles to Celina in the wee hours of the morning. The RV engine work may take 2 weeks, at that time he will head back to Eau Claire and continue with the RV and Trailer delivery.....tedious business at times.

Enjoy the weekend!

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photo-Tony Snow(1955-2008)


Ron Simpson said...

I bet the media does not have an all out love fest for Snow like they did for Russert. And I think Snow was a better newsman. But his association with FOX and Bush will kill any good words the MSM might have.

Sarge Charlie said...

we lost a great man today.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

He was a great guy. It's too bad.