Sunday, July 27, 2008

Celina Lake Festival-Car Show/One Year Anniversary

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that today is the ONE YEAR date from when I started this blog...July 27, 2007...and yep, the Lake Festival was what I started with......almost 300 posts in 366 days and here we go with year #2.

Thanks to all who have stopped by and contributed.


The Celina(Grand) Lake Festival has lucked out, weather wise, again this year...a mix of clouds and sun, and a good breeze...not to hot, good summertime weather. I ventured downtown around noontime, and walked the car show. Saw a few folks I have not seen in years, including 4 or 5 that I went to high school with.....met up with my old Celina High buddy Bob Jones....Bob, was one of my best friends, and our next door neighbor while living in Montezuma. Had not seen Bob in about 5 years, until I went to his brother Jim's funeral back in I've talked with him another 3 times in the past couple of months...including the Red Door Reunion, back in early April.

The car show is usually a good one, this year was no exception, however, the numbers were down....about 1/3 less than guess, gas prices, and the growing number of area car shows....owners have to pick and choose these days.....speaking of Gas, it has 'dropped' to $3.69 a gallon...What a Bargain!!!

After talking with Jonesy for about 30 minutes, I wandered over to my old buddy "Whitey" Klosterman's spot under the Maple Trees....Whitey is a local baseball and classic car legend....He has two fine classics that he displays every year, and they are still runners...he gets them out each summer and tools around the area. I coached Whitey's son Jeff in Little League back in the early and mid 1970s...and he has grandsons that have played for Fort Jennings....both, like Hal, and me, graduated and the other will be a junior this coming season....I have done several of both their games, while Whitey sits in the stands.

Back to his vehicles....Whitey is pictured at the top with his jet black 1946 Buick Roadmaster...and his Yellow 1948 Roadmaster Convertible...both cars get used and they are classics....

It stayed dry for the parade last night as well....I avoided that crowd for 23 years running now....I have broadcast it, driven in it, and watched it more times than I care to remember.....but stay away these days....more than enough parades in my days. Today the Festival winds down, and the weather is looking like it will remain perfect.

The ACME State finals ended yesterday, with host school Coldwater moving out of the loser's bracket to make it a 2 game final...but they fall short and lose to Northmont, and come in as runners-up for the 3rd time in 4 season will end Wednesday as I do the plate for the American Legion District All-Star Game at Van Wert.

That's pretty much been the weekend story, have managed to toss down a few cold ones and smoked a couple of Indian Tabacs.....Patricia has done her yearly major house cleaning....and is approaching the end of that(I try to stay out of the way and hide)...her summer "vacation" is almost history...back to school in about 3 weeks....time flies when your are having fun.

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Some of the cars at the Lake Festival Car Show...including Whitey Klosterman and his Buick's....and the Main Street "sales" crowed as usual.


Harry J said...

Great looking cars, I took a few pic's of some interesting cars at a museum in Cape Cod, I will post them sooner or later.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

You didn't happen to run into a firethorn red, 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix at that show, did yah? The guy who owns it is from Ohio and I've been trying to locate that car, ever since I saw it when he was visiting Savannah, GA last spring...

pat houseworth said...

MC: There were a couple of PGPs there....the local paper and custom car site should have some phots on line here next week...I'll take a look and see what I can find.

If it was here, should not be a problem getting a name off the rolls.

BRUNO said...

Don't know which of those Buicks' I'd rather have---the black one, or the yellow-one!

Hell with it---I'll take BOTH....!

AutoCar-Live said...

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GUYK said...

Gasoline is still close to $3.90 here but hope it comes on down in a few days..I'm wanting to make a trip up to Catfish's place and get some shrimp..and maybe do some shooting

Sarge Charlie said...

I love old cars,takes me back to a better time.

Anonymous said...

That old fellow is a snappy dresser.

Buck said...

Congrats on the one-year blog-o-versary, Pat. Many more to come, one hopes.

Great car pics. I LOVE car shows!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I love the old woody. Very cool. It's cool to think of living in the same place where you went to school and seeing folks you've known all your life while walking down the street.

And congratulations on the year. It's been a fun read.