Monday, July 14, 2008

Baseball Weekend/Must Reading for Morons!

To describe the weekend in one word: Baseball.

It all began Friday night at 6PM, where Jimmy R and I were slated to do a double header at Van Wert....a wood bat first game, metal bat second game between Van Wert's American Legion team and the traveling wood bat team(consisting of college players) from Geneva, Indiana. The teams split(as luck "wood" have it), with Van Wert winning the first game with Geneva's wood bats, and Geneva winning the second...a 3 + hour home about Midnight.

Saturday morning it rained, and the games I was scheduled to do were pushed back by 1 hour....but the time our game started between the ACME teams from Van Wert and Delphos St. Johns it was 5 O'clock...once again behind the plate...this game goes 3 hours 15 minutes, and goes 11 innings(7 is standard)...we get the final game started at 8:30, and by this time the storms have reformed, and during the 2nd inning, we delay it for an hour, then postpone it until Sunday....I get home at 10:30(easier this time because the field is only 15 blocks from my house). Anyway on to Sunday at the State Jr ACME Tournament at Lima Shawnee field....they were delayed/postponed late Saturday as well. So instead of starting at 12 Noon, we go over at begin at 10:30AM...this continued game is in the bottom of the 5th....well, Hell, it gets tied and goes extra innings, ending after 8 innings. The next 2 games were rather quick however, and we get done at for the 46 hour period from Friday night through Sunday afternoon, I umpire 47 innings, 27 of those behind the plate in full gear, with humidity, and temps on the first 2 days miserable...yesterday a cool breeze had kicked in, and that wasn't bad.

Anyway, I'm off until the American Legion District Tournament at Van Wert next Friday....unless they need me at Shawnee or will be a well needed rest.

This morning I sent some of you a little article from one of our VSPA guys, Don, who runs the web site....hopefully you read the entire article, it gives you an insight why I hated much of my Air Force experience....The so-called leaders and their lemmings at OSI(Office of Special Investigations) were nothing more that SS Troop wannabees. For the entire sad story go here:

If you know the workings of the internal military, it will piss you off....another Hero, wrongly accused and thrown under the bus.

Meanwhile while I looking at my G-Mail/E-Mail, I caught sight of this little gem on the top simply said.

Click here for the story George Bush doesn't want you to read..."Why Mommy is a Democrat" I almost fell off my chair with naturally I click it....and here is where it sends me:
Talk about brain washing the youth of America....and written by a man no less? Well not really a man, because let's face it, no real man would put out something like this putrid mess....wonder if "he" little Jeremy Zilber lives in San Francisco? And people wonder why this country caves into radical Islam, far left loons marching in lock step at gay rights parades, and the mass murder of the unborn......? Wonder no more, Jeremy and his ilk of dickless wonders are the reason.

Enjoy....I be back later!


The Hermit said...

With all those umpire jobs you don't get bored, and the extra green must come in handy too.

pat houseworth said...

Was a sweet weekend cash wise....will keep me in gas, beer, and cigars for the rest of the year!(unless the prices really rise!)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Can't believe the dems for thiose kiddy books. Propagandise the young. Take a lesson from the nazis and stalin.