Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mood Swings!

You ever get one of those days you're just "pissed off"? I mean, in a crappy mood for no reason as all? Weather?, some other itch you can't scratch, etc?

Well, that's me today, they don't come along very often these days, but here I sit, watching more freaking rain(part of the problem) along with the humidity to match, and I'm in a lousy mood. Just happens...I've been doing single and double headers all week, getting them in despite the rain(tonight's semi-final and final may not make it)...had a double header last night at the ACME Tournament in good game, one slow played, bad game....things seem to even out.
Sometimes, even when semi-retired, you just want to chuck it all and say "What the Hell am I doing?" Yep, there you have it! It's one of those days...but it will pass, they all do, and things will ascend back to normal, for better or worse.

I took yesterday off the internet, except to check mail late last night, and I have decided to do that more least 1 or 2 days a week(Wednesday and Sunday seem about right).....even though I only spend an hour or at most 2 a day on this thing....I've decided to cut back, and fore go it all together for those 48 hours a attitude adjustment seems in order.

back later>>>>>>>>>>>>

photos-this morning's rain seem to match my attitude....maybe the new flowers will brighten it up.


old soldier said...

Seems to me that a cold beer and a good cigar are in order. I know what you are talking about. I find myself in one of those moods sometimes. When I do, I make it a point to avoid anyone because I may say somethingI will regret. Any how as you say it will pass. Have a great 4th, and oh by the way thanks for entering me in that cruise drawing... right.

pat houseworth said...

You are Welcome OS...I feel I had to do something to cheer my ass up. I've already been pretty short with the wife and oldest son, they are doing the best to stay away for me, because they to, know it will pass...sooner the better,

Shrinky said...

I did get to the point last week of thinking of packing the whole blog in - too much guilt at not posting when I should. Now I've finally posted again, I'm back up on form. Things come in cycles, I guess you have to have "off" days to experience the up ones.

Try not to snarl too loudly around those you love, although I'm sure they'll understand and forgive you in any case. It's life, we all visit there from time to time, hon. (hugs)

GUYK said...

yeah, that has been me all week..I did get a bit accomplished but not near what I had planned..

Buck said...

You ever get one of those days you're just "pissed off"? I mean, in a crappy mood for no reason as all?

Yep, occasionally. Today my 'net access went belly-up for well over an hour, and THAT really pissed me right off. I probably spend too much time on the net, but Hey! What else would I do? ;-)

Shrugged says: said...

Yup..... been down that street more than a few times.

As has been said, on days like that I usually try to avoid anyone I care about. Usually doesn't turn out well.

BRUNO said...

That's kinda the same reason I took "time-off"---sometimes, you just need some "YOU-time"!

Now, if I woke up one morn, and found 2-feet of SNOW on my July-porch, I just MIGHT blog about that...!

Ron Simpson said...

You ever get one of those days you're just "pissed off"? I mean, in a crappy mood for no reason as all?
Yes. It all starts with waking up by an alarm clock instead of waking naturally because my body feels rested.
It is worse on Mondays.