Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Drifts On/Lost Pigeons

Pigeons are not my favorite critters, to say the least. We welcome the Hawk that arrives in the winter and helps dispatch as many as possible....the Pigeon at best is a slow witted critter, much like the human form called Liberal Democrats....some of those, sad to say, are in the family tree. However, I always have a soft spot in my heart or brain for the helpless of the earth, and would likely try rescue even a liberal if it was being harassed by a Islamic Terrorist(one group that I would gladly exterminate). Well back to the Pigeons...yesterday while mowing, I was near the outdoor air conditioning unit and lo' and behold a young pigeon was sitting in the Ivy next to the unit....what to do? Well really not much I could do, except leave it alone...knowing the dim witted parent birds would do nothing...they build their nests in the eves about 35 foot up on the top of our roof, and this youngster must have taken a walk off our tall house(former church parsonage)...and even I don't venture up there....I paint the house myself, but I don't do that part.

Anyway I left it alone, knowing it had no chance of survival....about 4 hours later I go outside and here the little guy was walking around the side yard...damn! Still there, knowing come nightfall one of the few neighborhood cats would take care of him if I didn' the soft headed one, plops it in a coke box with some old bedding a places it in the back yard.....threw in some feed and water(what the Hell do young Pigeons survive on?) it is 20 hours since I first saw the bird and it now is wandering around the fenced in back yard(where no sane cat would venture, with the fearless Airedale ready to do her duty at any time). I still figure the bird is weeks away from flying, and has little chance to make it.....but for now, he(she?) is on it's own.....Reagan hasn't discovered it, and the Hawk is nowhere in sight. The little beast can wander in the garden, raspberry bushes, pine trees, or whatever they do until nature takes it's turn.

Sam took off to Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, yesterday....a 2500 mile RV run with a Diesel Pusher and attached trailer.....Hal, still working at Celina Moving for his Grad School funds, is in Louisville, Kentucky, this morning, and loading for a trip to Shreveport, Loozeeanna......kind of quiet around here.

I did get a call from the director of umpires for ACME yesterday and was offered some games for late season. A double header at the District tournament for this Saturday, and another twin bill for the State Junior ACME tournament Sunday at Lima Shawnee. Add these to my American Legion double header at Van Wert Friday night, and I should be good and wore out again by the end of the weekend....I am however, enjoying the days off right now. Bob also offered me a couple of State ACME games at Coldwater next week, but had to decline because of committing to the American Legion District next weekend.....after these next couple of weekends, things will quiet down, sports wise, until football starts up in mid August.

I would be remiss if I didn't offer my prayers to our blogging friend Lin, in the high plain desert of New word last evening that she has lost her mate Mark.....he had taken ill a couple of weeks back, and apparently never fully recovered.

God be with Lin in this sad and tragic time, and God rest Mark's soul.

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photos-more new flowers in the back yard garden, and the young partial feathered Pigeon, hanging around the back steps and yard.


BRUNO said...

Lin will be back, fer sure! She's got more rebound than a high-school senior, that woman! I can only wish for half that much "pluck", if I live to that point!

And I notice you order through Cigars International, too. I've been more than satisfied thus far with them---a helluva lot better quality than Thompson was, in both merchandise and packaging...!

Ron Simpson said...

I have a soft spot for little baby critters too.

Larry said...

"...plops it in a coke box with some old bedding a places it in the back yard.....threw in some feed and water..."

You soft-hearted son-of-a-gun, you.

Americaneocon said...

You've got a wonderful, full life.

I love this part:

"I always have a soft spot in my heart or brain for the helpless of the earth, and would likely try rescue even a liberal if it was being harassed by a Islamic Terrorist."

I would too, but they probably spit on us, calling us "fascists."

Buck said...

You have a soft heart, indeed, Pat. And that's a good thing. I hate pigeons, too, having been "christened" by the bastardly lil things more than a few times in my life (which comes from being primarily a "city boy."). I'd have left it to die, rather than helped it.

Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, a neighbor would bring me pigeons that age that he found at the lumber yard where he worked. You can take some bread, put a little milk on it, and roll it into a little ball and the pigeon will eat it as long as you feed him. They grow fast and once it has feathers it will take off on it's own. I always liked raising them, and some would stay around, but people always shot them come dove season.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Ol' softie. Yea, nice folks have a hard time hidin' it when the time comes.

It's so tragic about Lin, but like Bruno said, she'll make it back. It's just one more trial she's got to go through.

And I like the stuff I get from CI too. Last time I got a box of Macanudos and Acid Kuba Kubas. Good stuff.