Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Year In Review/January through March

After our "Green" Christmas due to an inch or so of rain overnight Xmas Eve, we got back to the white season yesterday afternoon...Sam and I were on our way back from checking out a possible replacement vehicle for him near Dayton, when the snow started coming down near Piqua, on I-75. But the time we hit the US 33/Ohio 29 four lane, things had gotten slick. Seems the road crews were a little late with the salt trucks, and drivers were sliding off the road at a pretty good rate...I dropped it down to 50 or so, and we cruised into Celina in good shape.

The photo at the top of the blog is from last night about 8pm looking south down Brandon Avenue from where the house intersects with Livingston Street....not a lot of accumulation, but enough to clean up the mess from the rain over the previous 48 hours.

Before getting started on the Year End Review portion of today's case you missed it, another Islamic Scumbag has attempted to take out a plane...and nary a word from this guy's Muslim Brother...Barack "Barry Soetoro" Obama.

This so-called 'Leader' is becoming a bigger terrorist "tool" with each passing day....even a moron like Jimmy Carter showed more balls than this neutered Kenyan.

Sports______Bengals finally Clinch Playoffs

Despite a poor performance against weakling Kansas City, the Cincinnati Bengals finally clinched only their 2 playoff spot in 19 years with a 17-10 victory yesterday. Carson Palmer led the Bengals on a 98 yard, 8 minute drive in the final quarter, and Leon Hall sealed the victory with an interception with about a minute left.

Meanwhile the previously undefeated Colts pulled their starters, including Payton Manning, with a 5 point lead in the 3rd quarter, and fell to the Jets...leaving New York with only a win over Cincinnati to gain a "Wildcard" playoff spot....look for Cincinnati to actually try to win that game at the Jets next week. The Colts will probably pay in the long run for a stupid coaching decision.....time will tell.

2009_____January, February, March______

Clint Thompson and I headed north and west to Rick Pearson's house on our usual Bowl and Beer Fest at Rick's Place for New Year's Day to get 2009 started off.....this has become a tradition over the past 20 will be different this New Year however. Rick and his wife Toni have sold there country home, and temporarily moved into a town apartment, while the work on their new place on their 17 acres in DeKalb County moves forward....they hope to be moved in sometime before summer.....

In late January Barack "Barry Soetoro" Hussein Obama was installed as Emperor of these United States....or at least that's how it seemed at the time....the willing dimwits in Congress and the Main Stream Media, put Barry high on that pedestal, and so far, despite his falling poll numbers, the Congress and Press{with the exception of talk radio and Fox News} continue their slave like worship. The polls say the American people have finally figured this guy out...question is? Is it too late?
On a more personal level...Ohio State loses another BCS game...this time on a last second Touchdown to Texas, despite the best efforts of benched quarterback, local product Todd Boeckman....

The supposed ravages of Global Warming still just seem to stay away from the great mid January we got down to 16 below zero in west central Ohio, with a Chill Factor of minus 35-40

And on the last day of January a group of 60 former Air Force/Vietnam Security Police guys got together at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Museum in Dayton for a "Mini-Reunion"...a great time was had, and this year we plan on meeting in early March, and hopefully increase our numbers.....

In February______

Glenn Beck moved his TV show from Headline News to Fox News in late January, but February he was breaking all kinds of viewer records for a 5pm time slot, and driving the Obama fans nuts...the wacky losers on the left can't figure out who the hate the most, Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin....either one, it warms the heart to see these gutless jackasses squirm....nothing better than watching Liberals piss and moan about someone exercising their right to free speech.

I had a visit from a young man selling the world famous Kirby Vacuum Cleaners in mid February, and ended up buying one...what was I thinking? I'm usually not so easy to convince....

Our St John's Dartball team bounced back from a rather poor regular season, to take the 2nd place trophy in the Tournament held at Schumm Zion Church....and my basketball officiating season came to and end in late February, about 2 weeks early when I blew out my calf permanent damage, but I did shut it down early, so I could be ready when baseball season began in mid March...I did, and I was.

Meanwhile the World and most of the US continued to love Obama, while the economy went deeper into recession....some of us were not so kind in our comments or thoughts about our Kenyan Born Prez!

Veteran Broadcaster Paul Harvey died in late February_____

March 2009____

In March of this past year, I decided that Obama and Company had their eyes on several of our God given rights.....freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms/1st and 2nd Amendments, pretty important stuff in my eyes.

I decided to keep speaking out, especially against the left wing radicals in Government, this little blog, view by maybe 75-100 folks per day was my attempt at free far as the 2nd Amendment, I cleaned up my old handguns and rifle....and in late March I headed off to Lima, to the Allen County Fairground for the monthly winter Gun Show....I purchase a nice little snub nosed .38 for self and home protection...not the most powerful gun in the world, but easy to handle, load, and get to in a I said, my own small way of protecting the freedoms that Obama and his henchman in Government would like to abolish.

After nursing my leg injury, I felt good enough to go back at baseball umpire in mid month....after a long cold winter, March was rather warm and dry, and I got about 10 scrimmage games and the start to the regular high school season in, with no ill effects on my legs....Sam meanwhile decided at 27 to give College Baseball a try...not umpiring{although he did that as well}, but playing for Ohio State-Lima....not a great success, but any means{something you try to pick up after 10 years away seldom works out the way you would like}, but he did his best, and mixed a full class schedule, working at the OSU Athletic Department and umpiring work as well....all the while making the Dean's List 2 of 3 Quarters and finishing his Sophomore Year{his first back to college since 2001} with a 3.7 GPA.....

Tomorrow I'll look back at the Spring of 2009_____April through June

This morning I'll take the Dodge up to get the ABS and Bearings looked at....some kind of problems there...then tomorrow and Wednesday a couple of afternoon Holiday Basketball Tournaments to officiate.....

Back Later
Photos of 2009--Top Left...former Air Force Vietnam Security Police gather in frigid Dayton for a Mini Reunion on January 31st/Me(left) and my buddy Wayne DeZarn who helped me gather the group together as we got together for a photo shoot in the cold at the Defensor Fortis SP Statue at the AF Museum at Wright-Patterson. Local St. Henry product Todd Boeckman, after being benched early on in the 2008 season, came on strong in a losing effort against Texas in the January Fiesta Bowl/Broadcaster Glenn Beck, moved his TV show to Fox, to a larger audience where he continued to drive Liberals bonkers on both radio and TV/and finally my new "toy" that I purchased at a Gun Show{gotta love those "Gun Show Loopholes", don't your libs?} in March.


Cookie..... said...

Like the new pic mate. Did you take that one?

Anonymous said...

Nice picture in the header.

PRH....... said...

Yep, went out last night with the Fuji, and used the Auto Flash to get that one....looking south down Brandon Avenue from the Corner of Livingston Street....where the house is located.

I enjoy the Hell out of Night Flash and Lightning Photos...:}

Law and Order Teacher said...

Great photo. I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas. We'll get to the New Year later.

Anonymous said...

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PRH....... said...

Getting plans in order for the "Mini Reunion" Steve...hope to see you March 5th...