Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That Damn Global Warming!

While the eastern US digs out from under 2 feet of snow in some places...like my Vietnam buddy and fellow Air Force Cop from our days in Nha Trang describes on his blog:

To the record cold in Europe....where death comes a calling:

Meanwhile that fat, bloated, useless son of a jackal Al Gore, the Liar and Thief, Barry Soetoro Obama, the Euro Trash Union, and a few Marxist so-called climate experts continue to cry "Wolf"....the only wolves are these bastards and the socialist power hungry money grabbers trying to prove that unprovable science and lie called 'Man Made Global Warming'

Our own small taste of winter____

This morning I jumped into the Jeep and heading out on West Bank Road to take a look at Grand Lake and to check out how the 13,000 acre pond was freezing over.....with the exception of a few "open water" spaces that the Canada Geese were using as their own private swimming pool....the Lake appears to be on the way to a complete freeze over...More Global Warming???
Dartball Results other Sports____

Last night we took on our old South Division rivals from Mount Carmel to end the first half of play in the Wabash Valley Dartball League....used to be when we met, a title or at least half championship was in the balance....not so this time. We came in at 7 wins 11 loses, while they were in control of their own destiny, with a tie for first at 11-7 and the tie breaker over Hopewell St. Johns....we stunk up our home board in the first two games, losing 8-1 and 6-0, while managing only 11 hits, including 3 in the 2nd game shutout....in game 3 we strung a few hits together and pulled out a 4-3 win...I ended the night 5 for 10 with 2 triples and a couple of RBIs...to move to .427 on the season..getting home I find out Hopewell had swept Bethany Church and clinched the first half of the season with a 14-7 record...Schumm won the North First half with the same record. So, despite the first half flop, we did have a say in who won....by eeking out that last game. I end the first half at .427(good for first or second in the league so far, a down year for the league) and 12 RBIs...I remember winning the RBI total one year with 72....and finishing 2nd in batting with a .491 average, those days are gone forever.

Off next week, then the league resumes the final half on January 4th...as we take on Hopewell at home.....

Basketball tonight, I'm at St. Marys for a girls/boys combination double header at the Freshman level...girls first at 5pm, boys to follow...both teams play their rival Wapakoneta...Sam has a girls Junior High double header at Spencerville.....
back later>>>>
Photos-top left/This Morning the light snow as it falls on the PRH abode...Me(left) and my Nha Trang Buddy Harry Bevan in our "Summer of 69" at Nha Trang AB, RVN....Harry retired last year after 35 years as a Philadelphia Cop....a picnic table at the shoreline of frozen Grand Lake on Celina's west bank....and the bike/walking path along the shore with a fresh cover of snow...and finally some Widdy Darts from the Wabash Valley Dartball League.....one half season down, one to go!
A Sweet Update: Obama Approval in the Crapper:
Looks like Barry got no bounce from his Marxist/Socialist take over attempt of Health Care....choke on it liberals...your boy and his lemmings in Congress are in deep crap come next election cycle{if the clueless, gutless GOP can figure it out, which is pretty doubtful} We are being railroaded by a group of power hungry radicals....


Igor said...

Ice age ended by cavemen lighting campfires. This has been scientifically proven
and all other theories debunked by Al Gore a.k.a. Bullwinkle

Cavemen start Global Warming!

I Igor produce Obama Birth Certificate at www.igormaro.org

Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama Care vs Igor Care

PRH....... said...

You got it Igor!

Old Dog Barking at the Moon said...

Al Gore is the poster boy for people responsible the decline of our country. He learned his trade of being a political prostitute and a liar from his father.
Now he plans to enrich himself by being the front-man huckster for the global warming movement, a movement populated by socialists,communists and hate America first people. If he succeeds he will become rich. The average Joe will be taxed into oblivion. Our economy may collapse. But that doesn't concern Al the liar. As long as he is taken care of that's all that matters to him.
What kind of world gives a Nobel prize to Gore & Obama.
I guess though we are wrong in our condemnation of this piece of male genitalia--Don't forget--He won the popular vote in 2000.
If America couldn't see through this rectum and Obama,then we g
et what we deserve.